Top 3 Online Tools For Bloggers You Should Know About

Top 3 Online Tools For Bloggers You Should Know About
Blogging is an interactive and productive way to get traffic.
If a brand has a good count of traffic on its website, it becomes a lot easier to generate sales and earn better revenue sums. However, writing a blog is not about copying content from a website and using it as is. 
There is a proper thought process that needs to be executed. 

Other than, bloggers have to be careful about how they present their ideas. If the targeted audience is not convinced with how the content has been presented.
• A blogger has to present the correct thoughts in a limited span of time. Hence, if he uses the correct set of tools, it becomes easier for him to produce quality results. 

Here are the best 3 online tools recommended for bloggers.

1. Reverse Image Search

Blogs need to be credible in every way. Only authentic images and content should be used in a post. If a blogger includes copied images or text in his post, he would lose his credibility forever. Image plagiarism is a very serious issue these days. 
Photographers and image creators suffer a lot when a picture that they create gets reused in an unauthentic manner. In addition to that for a blogger, using original images is very important. This is where a reverse image search tool proves to be very helpful.

• When you search the internet for a particular image, multiple links would be shown to you. With reverse image search, you can view all the links that carry a particular image. After that, simply filter them out to determine the original source. 
To make a blog acceptable, images should be downloaded from the actual website. Other than that, a link to the actual source should be given so that the image creator gets the needed recognition.
Reverse Image Search tools are used online
Using an offline tool can prove to be a hassle. First of all, you need to search for a relevant website and download the tool. After that, the installation process has to be executed properly. 
Another issue is that the process of installation has to be completed for each device on which the tool has to be used. Reverse image search tools are used online and no downloads / installations have to be done. You can use this tool simply by clicking the appropriate link.
Simple procedure to gauge image occurrences
Reverse image search tools do not require the user to have advanced technical knowledge. Anyone can use these tools without getting assistance. There is only one step which the user has to complete. 
He has to upload the image by providing the appropriate URL or browsing for the image as a file. Once the uploading has been done, the tool would scan through it and determine all the websites that have an image presence. For any blogger, this tool is quite needed.

2. Plagiarism Comparison Tool

Consider that you using a file in Word, PDF or TXT format to create an interesting blog post. Using the file as a source of reference is not wrong by any means. However, if there is any resemblance in the written content, it is a case of plagiarism. 
At times, when you are using a file to produce content, certain lines are unintentionally. Checking for this is obviously better than ending up with a problem. The plagiarism comparison tool is a commendable option to perform this task.

• Upload both files

You need to start by uploading both files that have to be compared. One is the file you have created as a blogger and the other is the source file used. 
These tools support files in the commonly used formats (Word, PDF and Text). When the uploading process has been completed, the comparison would be performed. Both files would be scanned and the similar content areas would be shown to you.

If there are any, simply rephrase them and repeat the same process. If no content areas are similar, you can be sure that the created blog is 100% plagiarism free. 
This tool saves the time which is spent on reading each line from both files and comparing them.

3. Google Analytics

Is your website earning enough profit? Do you have a consistent rate of traffic? At times, website owners suffer major losses when they do not strike the problem areas. Google Analytics shows the exact situation and performance level of the website. 
At times, websites have a high bounce rate and owners do not have awareness about it. Having a high bounce rate means that your website has flaws due to which users are not interested in sticking around.

• This tool is a beneficial option for bloggers who need to create posts according to the condition of the website on which it would be published. A blogger can use it and check the website standing before finalizing the post content. 
This tool is free so no payment issues occur. The results that it produces are completely dependable so you can count on them.


The success of a blog depends on the content areas covered.  For any blog writer, using the correct tools is very important. The reverse image search tool helps in determining the original source of the image. Bloggers need to extract images from the actual source so that the credibility can increase. 

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