2 Amazing Ways Telling Your Secrets Can Create More Good In Your Life

2 Amazing Ways Telling Your Secrets Can Create More Good In Your Life
There are stories that we are afraid to tell other people.
There are stories that we feel embarrassed about, stories that make us feel ashamed or bad about ourselves. 
These stories contain our darkest secrets and we think that if we bury them somewhere deep in our conscience, we will forget about them. However, the truth is that hiding our secret does more damage than good. These secrets eat us from inside and harness negative energy which holds us back from getting what we really desire. 
We keep second guessing our abilities and never reach our true potential. I used to be a person who held secrets instead of sharing them. However, once I started sharing them, I could sense a change in lifestyle. The more people I told my story to, the lighter I felt. So instead of holding things inside, here is why you should let them go.

• Stories Have Power

When you don’t tell a story yourself, other people are going to tell it for you. So, it means that by telling a story on your own, you take back control and become powerful. A story doesn’t provide physical or rational help to people. 
However, it does provide spiritual healing, and when others read what you have gone through, they can relate to you. You don’t even have to tell your stories as a personal account, as you can easily take an anonymous approach and hide your identity. 

• Negative Stories Hold You Back 

A story creates an experience. Experiences create perspective, which in turn creates your reality. By releasing all the negative experiences that you store within you, you can remove all the barriers that are holding you back from making progress in life. 
When you share your experiences with other people, it can help you change your perception about things and find new ways to cope with it. 
You might feel embarrassed that people will react to your story in a bad way. But, it might be a comfort for you to find out that there are a lot of people who are going through the same things you have, and it can help you excel in life. 
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