5 Creative Gift Ideas For A Street Art Obsessive

5 Creative Gift Ideas For A Street Art Obsessive
Good gift-givers know that the best way to think of a gift that will truly delight its recipient is to consider their hobbies, passions, and interests.
Doing so not only ensures the gift is relevant. It also shows you put in the time to thoughtfully consider and get to know the person you’re giving your gift to.

With the rise in street art, art tourism, and street art fans in recent years, thanks to artistic cultural icons like Banksy and others, many gift-givers are wondering what to get for someone that is a true, die-hard street art fan. Deciding on a gift for that particular demographic often isn’t easy, but taking some time to do some basic research on their passion for street art can be a good place to start. Let’s look at some possible gift ideas for the street art obsessives of the world to make sure you can find something they’ll love.

• The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

T his first gift will appeal to a street art fan with a penchant for tech gadgets. Many street art fanatics also have artistic pursuits or hobbies of their own, so a notebook is an obvious fit. 

However, the Rocketbook Wave is far from your standard notebook. It’s known as a smart notebook and has a host of nifty features built-in. Importantly, the notebook is environmentally friendly since it’s 100 percent reusable. 

This is made possible by the notebook’s specially designed pages and pen that are designed to erase all past notes in seconds. The only thing stranger than a notebook that automatically erases content is how it’s done. To erase content from the notebook, users simply put it in the microwave.

Strange as it may seem the ink and paper are designed to erase all former notes and sketches when microwaved. If you’re worried about losing all your past notes forever, don’t be. The Rocketbook comes with an iOS or Android application that allows you to upload each page of notes directly to your cloud service provider of choice including Google Drive or others.

As reported by the BBC, paper waste represents a serious environmental cost, particularly when it is thrown in the garbage rather than recycled, as is the case with most notebooks. Rather than wasting paper, users can continually erase notes and sketches they no longer need and reuse those pages, rather than tossing the notebook.

Whether they use the Rocketbook for jotting down some notes about their upcoming street art trip, or for drawing some sketches as an homage to their favorite street artist, the Rocketbook is sure to impress. It’s the perfect gift for the creative, tech-savvy and environmentally conscious street art obsessive.

• A Smartphone Camera Lens Set

Many street art fans have a flair for the artistic and make natural photographers. Moreover, many of them count taking pictures of some of their favorite murals as a hobby. These two factors make a camera lens a very natural gift for a street art obsessive.

Unfortunately, camera lenses are often prohibitively expensive. In addition, not all lenses are compatible with all cameras, meaning that a gift that seems perfect on its face might be totally unusable to a camera owner. The last thing you want is a technical hurdle to ruin an otherwise well-planned gift.

One solution is to give a smartphone camera lens set as a gift. Rather than attaching to a traditional camera, these lenses instead attach to the user’s smartphone. 

According to Kate Huber, at NJGamblingFun, “purists might object, but the cameras on many modern smartphones are actually quite impressive. Paired with the proper lense, users are able to get professional quality pictures with a simple easy-to-use interface. That means it could also save the trouble of learning the technical ins and outs of a new Nikon or Canon.”

These lenses can often offer a wide variety of different effects. Some can manipulate how light appears, others magnify, while others change the color of the shot using a particular feature. That means whatever your street obsessed friend wants to capture in their favorite mural, it will likely be possible to find the right lens for the job.

• A Tile Tracker

If you decide your favorite street art obsessive is too big of a purist to take pictures on their smartphone, or perhaps even owns a professional camera to capture their favorite canvases, fret not, there’s still hope. Rather than buying lenses and facing the possibility of compatibility difficulties, you can take a different approach. You can make sure he or she doesn’t lose the camera they already have!

A tile tracker is a small plastic device that comes in a variety of easy-to-use form factors. It can act as a keychain, fit easily into wallets, and yes, be attached to a camera. Should the user lose or misplace any of these items, they can simply make use of an embedded Bluetooth receiver and use their phone to have it emit a ring or other noise. 

The tile tracker has already been featured in many lists that offer some of the best tech gift ideas so it’s a particularly good fit if your street art fan is also a techie.

A perfect device for the forgetful, a tile tracker could be the ticket to making sure that a street art fan doesn’t lose their camera so they can keep clicking pictures and making memories. Trackers, in general, are becoming more and more important for consumers in the digital age, particularly when they travel, as reported by The Washington Post.

• A Translucent Drawing Board

Since many street art obsessives have a passion for art, getting them a gift could be a great way to encourage them to explore that passion. Becoming involved with the artists themselves could well give them an even better appreciation for the skill and craftsmanship that they see demonstrated through their favorite murals.

If he or she doesn’t know quite where to start, or even if they’re already an accomplished artist themselves, a translucent drawing board can be a great gift to allow them to replicate some of their favorite artworks. It’s ergonomic design and powerful backlight allows the user to easily trace a sketch or image put on top of it. 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and this gift will allow an art fan to appreciate the intricacies of some of their favorite pieces by recreating them for themselves.

• A Guided City Art Tour

Perhaps one of the simplest and most straightforward gifts for an art fan is a guided city tour. Any street art obsessive will likely be embarking on these tours themselves since they’re the best way to catch some of the most impressive murals in-person.

Thoughtfully researching which city art tour best fits your favorite art fan’s sensibilities is a great way to show you care. Doing your research using a website that offers current information on street art around the world will help you demonstrate that you did your homework before purchasing.

Research shows that gifts that contain or include experiences are often more greatly contribute to gift receivers’ happiness and a city art tour is an experience that any street art fan is sure to appreciate.

A street art exhibition is a related but slightly different option that also appeals to street art enthusiasts.

Those are some ideas to impress the street art obsessive but don’t let us stop you there. Street art fans are often a creative, artistic, and adventurous group that is likely to appreciate all kinds of gifts. So, feel free to think outside the box, and draw outside the lines.
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