How To Dispose Of A Mattress And Its Topper

How To Dispose Of A Mattress And Its Topper
Are you getting a new single mattress for yourself?
And are you thinking what to with the mattress? The size and weight of the mattress make it nearly impossible to keep it in the house for a longer period.
And moving it outside of the home feels like donkey work. There are a lot of answers about how to buy a mattress or mattress reviews, but there are double the questions of what to do with an old mattress.
Some companies take your old mattress and give you a new one, though you have to pay the depreciation cost. And the mattress unloading employees buy that old mattress from you.
But before you change your mattress, how would you know what is the right time to change a mattress? That leads to our next concerning the question, read more below:

How Long Should A Mattress Last: Average

This is a good question? Because sooner or later, the mattress that provides your body the best comfort and support, it is going to wear out. If you haven’t changed your mattress and you have spent a good amount of money on a mattress that says it has a lifetime warranty.
But we know that nothing is forever and lifetime warranty has some longevity duration as well. Yes, there is no such thing as an actual lifetime.So, coming back to the actual question, how long a mattress will live? 

• Number of Sharers

And the answer is that the mattress that says that it has a lifelong warranty, that mattress will live up to 10 to 12 years. And if you share your mattress with your partner, kids, or pet, it will live up to 5 to 7 years.

• Human Weight

The life of a mattress also depends upon the weight of a person. If the person is above 120-kilo grams, the mattress will get through at least 7 to 8 years and if you weigh less than 80-kilo grams, it will most likely live more than 10 years. 

• Use it with Care

The Queen Mattress life also depends a lot on how you treat it, if you spill a lot of liquid on it, then it will affect the foam which will result in fewer years.
Did you know that the mattress that is made with 100 percent Latex can last up to 15 years? But these mattresses are super expensive.

How To Increase The Life Of A Mattress

We love hacks! And we get it that mattresses are expensive. Well, there are cheap ones as well, but they mess up our back and necks and that is why we need a good one. And a good one is worth good money. 
So, the question is that we are spending much on the mattress, how to make it last long? The best way is to get a mattress topper cover. This does not only increase the life of the mattress but it will also provide extra comfort to the body.
If your mattress is getting saggy from different places, or the foam has moved from some places, to make it going for some more time, it is best to get this cover.

How to Tell that the Mattress has Worn Out

• If you are waking up in the middle of the night with acute pain in your lower back and neck, then this means that your mattress has aged. 
• If you feel lumps in the mattress then it means that it is time to change it and if your mattress is tearing or ripping from different places, then it is a sign that is has worn out and it is a good time to get a new one. 

How to Dispose of The Mattress

Getting rid of it will become easy if you keep reading. 
- All you have to do is call the recycling company and they will come and get it from you.
- You can donate your mattress or if it is in a really bad condition, place it near the dumpster.

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