How To Make ₦50,000+ Monthly From Your Facebook Account

Make money from your Facebook
I read an article from one of the top tech blogs I follow sometime ago concerning how to make money online from Facebook and it was so hilarious.
The guy said we should 'log out of Facebook and go get a job', that that was the easiest way to make money from the site.LMAO...that was one of the most hilarious articles I ever read online in a long time. The truth is that there are so many ways to make money online from your Facebook account. The ways are so many that you cannot cover them, unfortunately we do not know these.

Mark Zuckerberg and the whole Facebook team are making good money online from our using of the site, and no one is paying us. 
I remember telling some of my students that if I wasn't making money from Facebook, I should have deleted my account long time ago and I meant it. 
Till the time of publishing this article, I don't have a SnapChat account, I don't have an Imo account and I don't use a few other social media websites. I use many, so much that I have even lost count of...Lol, but these few do not benefit me.

What is the use of wasting my whole time online then logging out to face reality? I get blog traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. I get paid to use PepTribe, I connect with my clients on WhatsApp and market my products on Instagram so I use them all. 
Aside these, there are a few services that pay me to advertise on my social media handles and we will see them below.

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How To Make Money From Your Facebook

There are so many ways to make money online from Facebook, and they are so much that I can't talk about all...hehe! 
We will see just a few below:

- Getting clients

Aside chatting with your friends and family, who else do you chat with? In the last few days, I haven't chatted with any of my family and homies, but I have been active online. Who am I chatting with?

Facebook is one of the best sources of clients and business partners you can ever have. Twitter DMs are always crowded, spammy and taken less serious. Instagram and LinkedIn DMs are rarely used and WhatsApp doesn't have a news feed, making it all boring. 
Facebook is the only website that provides us with almost every other packages others come with and you should take advantage of that. Join groups relevant to your niche, connect with good clients and watch your money rolling in. 
Making money online has never been this easier!

- Selling of your own products

You can as well make good money from Facebook by selling your own products. Don't wait till you can purchase a host or create a site when you have a site like Facebook at your disposal. Create a professional page with an e-commerce template or contact us for one, promote your products and services and make your money. You can even share them on your personal account if you don't want to make use of a page.

I sell my self-help e-books, fictions, other products and services on my wall and they are doing fine. You too can queue in and make yourself money online while sharing your normal jokes, photos or inspirational contents. 

- Affiliate marketing

You can make money promoting other people's products and services on your Facebook. One of the advantages of this is that you do not need to own your own shop and products, just promote others' and make your cool money. 

There is also no risk of business losses, since you do not invest anything.

Some of the firms you can join their affiliate programs include Jumia, Konga and Peerfly. We have a lot more here and here. Check them out because there are a lot of money to make!

- Advertising

You can get paid by brands to advertise their products and services on your wall. One of such services that will help you get advertisers is ValuedVoice.com and I suggest you join them now. It is 100% free to join and approval is quick.

Aside them, there are a lot more which you can join such as Izea.com. 

All you need to do is sign up and add your social media handles, they email you when there are offers or you check the dashboard, in the case of Izea. Advertising is really a lucrative industry now and you shouldn't take chances. 
There are so many companies willing to pay heavily to make sure their products get into the face of their customers.

Which ever way you choose, I advise you keep your accounts and pages active with engaging content to make sure you keep growing. If you can write well and want to start making good money online, kindly go here. 
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