TRENDING: How To Get Your Own Free 48GB From MTN

 How To Get Your Own Free 48GB From MTN
In this article we'd be walking you through a step-by-step guide on how you can get free 48GB from MTN.
Before we start, the data you'd be getting through this step is usable on all devices, be it PC, Android or iOS. It can also be used to visit all websites, view videos and even apps. Finally, it can be used on both 3G and 4G SIMS, so you don't have to fear about it not being compatible with your SIM.
Before we continue, recall that we earlier shared a guide on how you can get free 10GB from MTN. The 10GB which is a gift from the biggest telecommunication company is still ongoing, and you can join the bandwagon to start enjoying yours.

What you'd be needing:

• An Android or iOS device
• Data
• A SIM card that you haven't used to sign up for the MyMTN app before
• ANother MTN SIM that has been registered before on the app

How to activate the MTN 48GB

This is a little cheat, available to all MTN users via the MyMTN app on the Google Playstore/App store.
To get it:
• Download the MyMTN app from your app store
• Use your mainline (that has been registered before on the app) to refer the 2nd MTN number that has not been used with the MyMtn app.
• Switch user and input the 2nd number and wait for OTP.
• You will be given two options on the next page, you need to be very careful as this is where the magic happens:
  - Activate free 500mb Data 
  - Remind Me Later Carefully 
• Click on the second option, which is Remind Me Later and click the Back Button of your phone immediately. Repeat it continuously via (Click Remind Me Later and click on your phone Back Button) to accumulate the data to it maximum 48GB.

You can continue clicking on it as much as you like to continue growing your data. Like I earlier said, you can use the accumulated data on any app, website and more. This is what we need in a period like this, it is time to start downloading your favourite movies without fearing about finishing your data.

What more? We enjoy your comments, don't forget to notify us if this simple trick works for you. Don't forget to drop us a comment and share with your friends.
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