6 Amazing Gift Ideas For An Internet Hustler

6 Amazing Gift Ideas For An Internet Hustler
Every entrepreneur shares a common characteristic - they are obsessed with what they do.
When you are looking to buy the perfect gift for the new business owner in your life, it makes sense to help feed this obsession. Here is a list of awesome gift ideas for the aspiring business owner in your life

#1. Buy them a Udemy course

To successfully launch a business, you will need to learn some new skills. Purchasing your budding entrepreneur a Udemy course will allow them to access a plethora of useful courses that are reasonably priced. This is the world's largest online learning platform providing over one hundred thousand courses to their over 30 million students. So many of which will be very helpful to any new entrepreneur, they will love it.

#2. Productivity Planner

One of the most difficult parts of starting a new business is to retain a laser focus, even when you love what you do. You have to set your own schedule, hold yourself accountable, and manage any problems that may arise. All this has to be achieved when YouTube is a few clicks away. This is where the Productivity Planner App can help, Intelligent Change has designed this notebook implements many hacks to help increase the users productivity. Helping them make the most of their valuable time and remain focused on the task.

#3. Content Inc.

Content inc explains that once you build an audience you can sell anything. The Chicken whisperer tells the story of an Entrepreneur named Andy Schneider, who managed to build a podcast audience of over 20,000 listeners. His topic of conversation was his hobby of raising backyard chickens. He now has his own radio show, a quarterly magazine and a best selling book.
This is just one of many inspirational stories of how entrepreneurs have built successful businesses out of small niches. Its author Joe Pullizzi's book is a great way to help inspire the home based business owner in your life. It also contains a six point plan to build an audience from scratch.

#3. KopywritingKourse

Don’t let the name fool you. This course is designed to help entrepreneurs who want to start online businesses create great copy for their websites. It will undoubtedly help them with almost every aspect of their online presence including content marketing, emails, sales pages, videos, product pages and so on. KopyWritKourse helps its users through the use of techniques and templates that have generated millions of dollars in sales, through the use of 250,000,000 emails, in over 20 industries. The course is delivered in bite size lessons designed to allow the home based business owner to learn at their own pace.

#4. MOO business cards

No true business owner should be without their own business card. While everything is slowly going digital, this is one of the old-school business tools that remains relevant today. Innovative companies like MOO allow people to design swanky modern cards from their choice of countless thousands of class templates. Even if they already have a set of cards, not to worry, a fresh look to a brand is always a good thing, MOO also make note cards stickers and postcards which are all helpful in spreading a brand.

#5. Tile - never misplace something ever again

I don’t know about you, but ever since I launched my own home based business phrases like these have become all too common in my vocabulary.
“Babe, have you seen my phone?”
“Did you move the keys?”
Have you seen the charger for my laptop?
Since the focus of my free time became successfully launching my side gig, juggling so many ideas at once, tended to make me a little more forgetful, I ended up misplacing things. It can easily happen. My girlfriend got tired of these questions and bought me a present of Tile.
This incredible little tool helps me keep track of the things i am always misplacing, these phrases are no longer a part of my life, unless the question is “Babe, did you see my phone” Tile is a Bluetooth based tracking system that will allow you to easily trace any item you have “Tiled.”

#6. The Startup Playbook

Last but certainly not least, this is a gift I got from my brother, it details the playbooks to multi million dollar entrepreneurs, listing lesson after lesson that they learnt while successfully building the businesses. Kidder talked to 40 different business founders getting insight into how their minds work and how they developed their lofty ideas into big businesses. Very importantly they point out many mistakes they made along the road, so your entrepreneur doesn't have to.
Selecting the ultimate gift for someone is never easy, I hope this list will inspire you to want to help and support the entrepreneur in your life. One of the greatest gifts you can ever give them is completely free. Let them comprehend you believe in them, always be there to pick them up when they are having a bad day.


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