6 Amazing Ways Music Lovers And Artistes Earn Money Online

6 Amazing Ways Music Lovers And Artistes Earn Money Online
So here I am, talking about artists and music lovers. Well, what should I say, we all are artists of our own lives, and as I think, life is a masterpiece you create.
You create it by what you do, how you feel, how you feel, how you put it into your art. How does something make you who you are? Well, you write, you are an artist. You draw, you are an artist. You paint, you are an artist. You love, you are an artist. You feel you are an artist. You live, you are an artist. And, there are ways an artist can earn money using their art and little effort.
The Internet has provided us with so many platforms to do the same. For instance, if you want to earn sitting at home doing the most basic thing like completing surveys and shopping then, this site will help you achieve that without any effort.
Here are these pretty amazing ways of earning money online:

1. YouTube

As we all know, that’s one of the best platforms we have, especially for beginners. Any form of art from music to poetry to debate on a particular topic, it is available for all.
Takes some time and hard work. After all, what does not take hard work? Innovation and creativity will always be the key. Since YouTube has made it mandatory for us people to watch advertisements unless we buy the premium version, so why not see yourself in it? Promotion is going to get you there.
Just pick up your skill and dive right in.

2. Starting a music blog/website

Sounds pretty amazing right? A website you and your work own. Starting a music blog or a website helps in reaching out to people, some people are even of your kind, and we don’t certainly know what the future holds, so yes, do it. Make a word press account, a watt pad account. Who’s there to stop you? Not even you.
You can also hire us to create your blog at a very affordable rate. We won't only stop at that, but will also give you our ebook on how to start making more than $700 per month from your blog in Nigeria.

3. Fiverr

This is just hilarious; if you got talent, try selling it, maybe?
People sell their music on this app, which sounds like something everyone would like to do.
It’s like writing a book and publishing it, but not everyone can write a book. So Fiverr is here for you, do something similar. There’s so much to explore here. Just search it and sell it.

4. SoundCloud 

Soundcloud app can upload, download, share, and can even get you money! Sounds like music to your ears? Exactly. Sign up for this app is free, and for the first 2 hours, they give free users an upload limit. The possibilities are fantastic for earning money.

5. Taking Part In Online Competitions

Not the best source of income or regularity in revenue, but applying in competitions can help one to build confidence and to go public with their artwork. Surely every method will have its pros and cons, but if an opportunity comes your way, why neglect it?

6. Offering Voice Lessons Via Skype Or Online Video Calling App

Offering paid lessons during times can be very beneficial for both students and the teacher. Since we’re in between a global pandemic and a nationwide lockdown, what better than this alternative? Anything like baking, writing, communication, painting, drawing, etc. I say you name it. Any skill. They’re being offered so widely.

Lastly, I want to say that whatever skill one has, like anything from singing to being a food lover.
I believe everything is art. A person itself is made of various colours. Sharing your colours isn’t bad at all now.

Well, being a poet and having a blog of my own, it feels great, having something all by yourself. Having something, not others but you are proud of, now that’s something you want to do. Something which is entirely for yourself. And I wish when someone is trying hard and doing everything in their power to achieve a particular ‘something’ you make it.
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