7 Top Beauty Bloggers In Nigeria You Should Follow

7 Top Beauty Bloggers In Nigeria You Should Follow
In this article, we'd be seeing some very Nigerian beauty blogs that you can start visiting today for make-up tutorials, fashion tips and more.
The ladies, unlike our brothers that can just wake up from the bed by 7:42 am and still be at work before 8:00 am, are always in search of the latest makeup tips that will make them stand out. You can hardly see a lady without a makeup tutorials app on her phone, with tons of pinned apps teaching different things from how to tie gele to how to eat without getting fat...lol.
I know you must have been over the years, figured out your favourite beauty blogger and probably followed her on Instagram, but there is no vain in trying out another. As our faces are different, so are our abilities. Being a successful lifestyle or beauty blogger involves more than just putting out contents, you have to figure out ways of standing out from the crowd to really get an audience.
In this article, we'd be checking out not just a beauty blogger in Nigeria, but 7 very amazing Nigerian beauty bloggers that you should follow.

• Jackie Aina

7 Top Beauty Bloggers In Nigeria You Should Follow
Jackie Aina is a popular Nigerian-American beauty YouTuber and social media influencer. She advocates for the visibility of people of colour in the cosmetic industry. She has partnered with Anastasia Beverly Hills, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Too Faced, Sephora and Sigma Beauty.
She began pursuing makeup art as a profession in her young adult years, beginning to take makeup seriously in 2009. She worked for MAC and Bobbi Brown cosmetics and freelanced as a makeup artist for five years. She has garnered more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram and 2.3 million subscribers on her Youtube channel.

• Stephanie Ani

Stephanie Ani
Stephanie Ani is a makeup artist and founder of Shirley's Wardrobe, a blog where she dishes out daily articles on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and other related topics.
She aims to inspire and empower women to make the most out of life, encourage them to embrace their inner beauty and also motivate them to take care of their outer beauty through her blog.

• Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright
Patricia Bright is another top beauty blogger that should be make the list. The 31 years old blogger is currently residing in London, United Kingdom and share her looks, life, and journey to an online community via her blog.
She is the founder of PatriciaBright.co.uk. She has garnered over 2 million followers on YouTube channel and 1.2 million on Instagram.

• Dimma Umeh

Dimma Umeh
Dimma Umeh is a popular beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger living based in Lagos, Nigeria. She blogs at DimmaUmeh.com, where she gives insights into her life as a Nigerian. She also entertains her followers with the latest lifestyle, travel and beauty tips.
She has so far garnered 160,000 million followers on Instagram and 300,000 million subscribers on her Youtube channel.

• Jennie Jenkins

Jennie Jenkins
Jennie Jenkins might not be an active blogger, but she is really making waves on her YouTube channel. With more than 600,000 followers on YouTube and still growing, she has over the years, proved built a great fan base.
She shares videos on topics relating to beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She has also garnered more than 400,000 Instagram followers.

• Jennifer Olaleye

Jennifer Olaleye
Jennifer Olaleye is a London-based makeup artist and beauty blogger. She doesn't only share makeup tutorials but is also available for jobs like wedding parties and other occasions.
She has garnered more than 60,000 followers on Instagram and 80,000 YouTube subscribers.

• Ronke Raji Adeola

Ronke Raji Adeola
Ronke Raji Adeola is a Nigerian-born beauty/lifestyle blogger and Youtuber currently based on the East Coast. She has a YouTube channel named Ronkeraji where she regularly shares videos relating to lifestyle beauty and makeup tips. She has so far gotten more than 196,000 subscribers.

Who did I miss? Who's your favourite blogger/vlogger? Don't forget to drop us a comment and share with your friends.
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