Tech & Reviews: 7 Best Torrent Sites (That Work)

7 Best Torrent Sites
During the phase of the pandemic, where many are in lockdown, people often experience boredom and find themselves slagging through their days.
Yet, Torrent can help to overcome the daily monotony. Torrent is a comprehensive platform that is presented as a file format, giving access to the desired entertainment’s information regarding their names, size, and quality. 

A torrent file allows the user to download small components from other users and also allows the users to download large files, this page tells you more about it. Yet many online users have complained regarding the accessing and functioning of a variety of Torrent sites, to which it becomes difficult to trust any ordinary torrent sites and creates disappointment amongst the online users.

The Pirate Bay

According to research, many torrent sites are reliable and have set out clear rules and regulations, convincing the users to try out these torrent sites. One of the famous and most used torrent sites is “The Pirate Bay,” which is also considered as the world’s most popular torrent tracker.It is an online index of digital content for entertainment and software downloads. 

The founders of “The Pirate Bay” are Gottfrid Syartholm, Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde, and the torrent site is Swedish based but is available in a total of 35 languages yet is fundamentally based in Swedish and English. Despite the many shutdowns and blocks, Pirate Bay was able to overcome the real obstacles. The Pirate Bay allows the user to identify which Torrent is secured and reasonable to download from. 

Another feature of The Pirate Bay is that the average downloading speed is 6.2 MB/s, which is the efficient speed for downloading, yet depends upon the personal user’s network range. But downloading at 6.2 MB/s would give a 720p HD video, within 20 minutes. 


Another well-known torrent site that is popularly used is RARBG, which is explicitly recognized for it’s the latest content. It facilitates peer to peer sharing more openly. The active and ongoing community of RARBG convinces the users to try the program and allows them to keep up with the latest trends of entertainment. 

RARBG has been around since 2008, and the simplicity of it’s interface makes it easier for the users to access it without any inconveniences. Yet one of the downsides of RARBG is that it is unavailable and blocked in a few countries as listed, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Portugal, and Denmark, yet the only alternative left to solve this is to use VPN. 


1337x is another well-acknowledged torrent site that is best known for its torrent search options. It has a fantastic choice of movies, television shows, gaming programs, and other softwares. 1337x has a variety of browsing features such as the most popular Oscar Nominations, provides the latest episodes of web series, television shows, and provides a platform for online books. 

Another very eye-catching feature of 1337x is it’s improved interface, which makes the tracker more convenient. Currently, 1337x is under maintenance, solving some of its security issues. Other sub alternatives for 1337x are 1337x.is, 1337x.st, x1337x.ws, incase 1337x is not operating correctly.


The top fourth known torrent site is Torlock, which is mostly used for Ebooks and Anime. This provides a comprehensive and diverse range of Anime and Ebooks available to the general public. It is a clean, cooperative, and ease going platform without any harmful content, and Torlock is listed amongst the top 100 best torrent sites targeted explicitly for it’s startling content.

It’s a must-try for the book worms, allowing them to interact with books virtually and allowing them to experience anime as well. There are over 4.8 Million torrents that the online geeks can find and utilize the services provided by Torlock.


It was moving on to Torrentz2, which is the most convenient torrent site for music amongst all the others listed above. Torrentz2 is none less than Spotify, Ganna, or other music apps. It allows us to download the latest music just like any other music apps but requires no sort of payment. 

For long, Torrentz2 remains one of the essential choices for audiophiles and presents the users with a safe and secure platform. Yet one of the drawbacks is the average downloading speed, which is at 2.0 MB/s, working at a slower pace, but while looking only just at music, it wouldn’t have a significant impact. Yet, overall the reviews of Torrentz2 have been considerable. 


YTS is considered as the top 6 torrent site that is used for downloading and uploading classic movies. YTS has a great variety of the classic film that might not be wide open on all the other sites, not only is it suitable for everyone in general. But it is also convenient for users with a limited network range as YTS provides a more comfortable downloading system at a low range of network required. With the use of a modified and straightforward interface, the user can search efficiently. 


Lastly, the seventh most effective torrent site is known as EZTV, which is also well known for its functioning of Television Shows, providing the latest and trendy shows. The community of EZTV is active daily, uploading new episodes, and is considered to be very manageable, without any complexity. 
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