5 Most Popular Retro Console Games In Africa

5 Most Popular Retro Console Games In Africa
Modern video games are so advanced that things look almost real in some of the latest titles.
Platforms like Xbox and PlayStation are ruling the market with a huge list of amazing titles. However, many people are returning to the classics and playing some exciting games released during the 80s and 90s. 
Although people are not buying video game consoles of Sony, Nintendo, and Sega to run those classic titles, they are still playing it on their Android, Windows, and Apple devices. This trend is growing across the African continent. 
Many African gamers download retro games and play them daily. Here is the list of most popular retro console games played in Africa nowadays. 

• Super Mario Bros 3: 

5 Most Popular Retro Console Games In Africa
This game is a classic masterpiece. It was created for Nintendo Entertainment System and released in 1993. This platform game took Mario’s adventures to the next level. This game introduced a plumber’s journey of seven kingdoms. 
Your main objective in this game was to deal with all the obstacles and evil monsters to save Princess Toadstool along with the rulers of all the seven kingdoms. It was an exciting game that people still play in Africa on various devices. 

• Street Fighter Turbo: 

5 Most Popular Retro Console Games In Africa
This exciting arcade game was released in 1992. It featured numerous old cabinets scarred with cigarette burns. The background was quite exciting and the main protagonist was a fighter. This game taught players how fight a monstrous figure and knock it out with a dragon punch motion. 
A single mistake and you could life half of the life of your protagonist in this game. That was an exciting gameplay, which many arcade games follow till the date. 

• The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: 

5 Most Popular Retro Console Games In Africa
Millions of people have played many installments of The Legend of Zelda video game series. Most of them would agree that A Link to the Past is the greatest classic title of this entire series. This was the only title of this video game released for SNES.
However, many African gamers still play this game on their mobile and desktop devices. This game set the path followed by the future titles of this game. 
Features like the Hookshot, Master Sword, and gaining more health became popular with this title. It was a masterfully crafted video game of that age that still thrills players today. 

• Donkey Kong Country: 

5 Most Popular Retro Console Games In Africa
This game had debuted on SNES in 1994. Players at that time treated this game as a graphical marvel. It rendered 3D models and impressive backdrops, which drawn millions of gamers towards this amazing game. 
This side-scrolling platform game is still loved by many people in Africa and it is one of the most widely played games in this continent. 

• Super Metroid:

5 Most Popular Retro Console Games In Africa
People still prefer to play an action-adventure game, featuring many thrilling quests with big monsters.
The credit of popularizing this genre should go to Super Metroid because this game brought numerous deadly monsters on gamers’ screens in 1994. 
It was also released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the third installment of the Metroid video game series. 
This game featured a bounty hunter Samus Aran, who visited planted Zebes to get back an infant Metroid Creature. This deadly quest takes him through many difficult quests and he deals with numerous monsters to get the job done. 

Final thoughts:

Many African players download retro ROMs to play those classic titles on today’s high-end smartphones and computers. 
The above-listed titles are probably the most widely played retro games in Africa. You can also download an emulator program and retro game ROMs on your device to play these thrilling games now.
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