How To Make ₦75,000+ Monthly Online Selling Free Ebooks

How To Make ₦75,000+ Monthly Online Selling Free Ebooks
There are more than a thousand ways of making a living online, and yet some people have never made a dollar.
Sometimes I wonder, how possible is that actually? You subscribe your phone, stream videos, read blog posts and even download videos, but none of these actually pay you.
I have taught tons of ways of making money online on my websites, and I am coming up with something different, a business I've been lowkey doing since 2016.

Making Money Online From Selling Of Other People's Ebooks 

I call this the lazy man's approach to making money online!
It is the lazy man's approach to making money online, because I'm lazy... Lol, and the internet is actually for people like us.

People like us who always look for the easiest ways of getting things done, and we don't like sweating to feed ourselves.

Don't get me twisted, there are much differences between working hard and working smart, and in the end the results are all that matter.
Working hard is about creating your ebook and manually sharing them to people in Facebook and WhatsApp groups to purchase. It works, but you can only call that a side hustle.
Working smart is about creating your ebook, or even getting free ones using the method I will teach and paying a few dollars to advertise them to thousands of people who will in turn pay you for it.

You download an ebook >>> Create a landing page >>> Spend a few dollars advertising it >>> Cashout and reinvest

That is it, the money never stops flooding in.

How Can You Get Copyright Free Ebooks To Sell?

There are a lot of websites where you can get copyright free ebooks to sell, but not all give you something worth paying for.
I have shared a list of websites I've been using since 2016, and the ones who have their ebooks constantly updated.
Mind you, what you're doing is not illegal, but these websites were not meant for the purpose.
You are simply helping people get what they could have gotten free from you at a very little rate.

Which Kind Of Ebooks Will You Be Selling?

It all depends on you and your target audience.
The ebooks can be on any topics like:
• How to cure premature ejaculation
• How to last longer on bed
• How to run Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or even Google ads and get conversions
• How to lose weight
• How to stop addiction
• How to hack WhatsApp

• How to get smoother face
There are tons of ebooks on any of these topics on the websites.
You just have to pick any of them and sell.

How Much Can You Make From The Hustle?

You can make a lot of money from this business.
Personally, I've generated more than ₦300,000 in a single month from reselling of four ebooks, and that didn't cost me much in advertising.
Now imagine you're selling the ebook for ₦1,000 and you target the right audience, you can reach out to over 10,000 people with a $5 budget.
If you use the correct landing pages, you'll be sure of getting at least 100 people out of the over 10,000 who saw the ad pay for it.

What Does It Take To Get Started?

Getting started doesn't take you anything at all, just:
• A Free Website
• A Facebook page
• A source for your ebook
and the passion, plus right strategies.

I have packaged in a PDF format, all you need you need to get the business started.
If you have known me before now, you know I'm not the kind of internet business coach who likes to talk a lot.
I tell you what works for me, and you do it for the best results.
We'd be seeing:
• How to get copyright-free ebooks online
• How to set up the Facebook chatbot system to keep your customers online, and sell your stuff while you're offline
• Little secret on how I advertise to over 10,000 people on a less than $5 budget 
• Google AdWords Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide (bonus eBook)
+ a free ebook for you, to help you sell your stuff and make steady money from Facebook without stressing yourself.

How Can You Learn All These?

To learn all these and more, kindly visit this link.

To find out more about the eBook, you can call/WhatsApp us with 08157449397 or send a mail to [email protected].

The internet is here, and making money should be easy!
Leverage on Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook and turn yourself a millionaire in no time.

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