How To Design A Customer Loyalty Program App

How To Design A Customer Loyalty Program App
These days universal digitalization involves all aspects of our world. Loyalty programs are on the list as well, so online applications and advanced technologies are getting widely adopted.
This time our task is to determine what it takes to come up with an effective online loyalty platform to keep your audience satisfied.

Solutions for creating a customer loyalty app

Wondering how to make an excellent loyalty service? We shall distinguish what key development approaches are at your disposal.


The presented option is perfect for consumers having an enormous number of discount cards which means those people need lots of time to finally find the proper one. Can you imagine how irritated everyone gets if such searches occur by cash desks at the store?
Obviously, to prevent such inconvenience individuals would rather apply for specific mobile platforms that allow including all their cards. Typically, such systems provide advanced search tools for users to easily find the card required at the moment. The Stocard framework is one of the brightest representatives of aggregators.

Single brand services

Nonetheless, the most popular loyalty programs are believed to be one-brand solutions.  That is the reason why the biggest players, like, Starbucks, Reebok, and McDonald’s have made a decision - by the by, a rather expensive one - to build a distinctive online resource that has replaced discount cards used previously. After all, opening the appropriate application on a smartphone is much more convenient and faster than searching for cards in the wallet, don’t you agree?
As you may have guessed, designing loyalty software is not that cheap, nevertheless, if you intend to create a successful app such investment is definitely worth it.

Significant features

We shall enumerate what key functionality is essential for a loyalty app to provide.

# Registry

The registration procedure is mandatory since a customer shall have the possibility to sign up and provide certain personal details and info on the preferences.
# QR-code identification
A top-notch customer loyalty program shall be able to identify each person applying a one-of-a-kind QR code. Such technology helps with:
Bonus accumulation. For instance, when a client who uses loyalty mobile service orders a cup of coffee in the cafe, the system reads out all info by means of a particular QR code in order to impose that person the specified amount of points.
User-friendly payments. Why not ease payment procedures through the QR coding system? LevelUp did the right choice to take advantage of QR code techniques on this matter.

# Bonuses

Avery loyalty software shall provide tools to charge and write off accumulated points and bonuses.

# Notification means

One of the greatest advantages of developing an online loyalty platform is the possibility to keep in contact with your target demographics on a 24-hour basis. There exist multiple solutions to establish proper communication with the audience, and notifications of all kinds would be the most striking examples. Let’s say, you could enjoy push & SMS messages in the following cases:
● Geolocation, when with the permission of customers the app can determine a specific location to send notifications when a person is passing by a store.
● Important updates, so individuals stay posted on all critical news concerning your program, for instance, new parameters, the latest sales, and the like.
# Search by location
GPS technologies shall not be left behind since you could use them to strengthen your consumers’ loyalty by resolving multiple issues, namely:
● the possibility to send notifications, as we’ve described earlier;
● tools to help clients find the closest outlet from your chain.
How To Design A Customer Loyalty Program App

# Birthday gifts

We all like receiving presents and loyalty program software can serve to offer particular discounts or some other special treats on your clients’ Birthdays. The audience will appreciate a free lunch or 30% off on all items, depending on what kind of store you own.

# Users’ history

That function is rather advisory than mandatory, however, a loyalty app will only turn better if providing it. In certain cases, people will be especially grateful to take another look at their previous activities.

Tips on loyalty program app development

We’d like to give you another piece of advice on how to create a perfect loyalty program system for your audience to have a satisfactory experience.

# Study your consumers carefully

Your objective is to be of use to your people, therefore, you shall know and understand their expectations and demands. For the purpose of this, you’ll have to devote enough time to gather information and analyze particulars on each individual.

# Brainstorm on personalized deals

Studies prove that over 65% of customers would like to get personalized offers. Every respectful business shall set up its strategy accordingly. For example, Starbucks we’ve mentioned above analyzes buyers’ purchasing history to give them some good advice or recommendations for the future. That would be another proof of the importance of collecting and analyzing data on customers.

# Apply for gamification

Why not make use of different gamification elements? You could play smart and introduce points accumulation, progress monitoring, rating system creation, competitions and winners rewarding, and the like. Make it entertaining like a fun quest so users could collect points and move to the next levels. Thus, you would create a true motivator allowing you to bring wider audience and convince them to enjoy new options.
There’s a good chance that after checking its benefits people will decide to enjoy it in future. The principle of taking advantage of gamification components shall help you build a peachy online loyalty platform.
Moreover, users will appreciate the possibility to manage points and bonuses they receive. Set it up so the audience could decide how to spend their rewards.

# Remember to update the application regularly

There’s nothing constant in this world so you shall always seek solutions to make your service even better and more appealing for your clients. To keep it advanced review your app features once in a while to include new characteristics and to enhance already installed ones.
As you have witnessed, innovative digital systems - when introduced properly - do assist with building and encouraging customers’ loyalty. Thus, we wish you design a great client loyalty resource so your audience is content and your venture prospers.

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