How Keto Diet Is Changing the Definition of ‘Meathead’ In the Blockchain Industry

How Keto Diet Is Changing the Definition of ‘Meathead’ In the Blockchain Industry

Blockchain experts spend countless hours glued at the computers. Some follow highly dynamic markets that require extra sharpness and concentration.

So the blockchain technologists have less time to prepare meals or purchase healthy snacks. Mainly, meat has been their normal energy source, but the keto diet is becoming a preferred solution. 

This meal plan is as old as the ancestors, but its popularity resurfaced after the increasing risk of lifestyle-related diseases. It involves consuming no carbs, minimizing proteins, and eating more fats. If you’re struggling to lose weight, this meal plan is perfect for the digestion of fats in the body. 

Studies show that the regimen is very experiential in ensuring healthy brain and body function. That’s why the meal plan helps manage chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, cancer, and diabetes. So, let’s start your ketosis journey.

Versions of Keto Diets

How Keto Diet Is Changing the Definition of ‘Meathead’ In the Blockchain Industry

There’re various versions of the keto diet that you can consume depending on the need and body requirements. The differentiating factor is adding more fats, protein, or carbs. It’s advisable to alter the meal plan sparingly during extreme body function periods but don’t distort the ketogenic process. 

For instance:

• A high protein meal plan involving consuming more protein diet but with many fats. The goal is to increase the protein levels as you aim at reducing the carbohydrates. The consumption component is broken down into 55 carbs, 35% protein, and 60% fats. 

• The targeted meal plan requires consuming an alternative diet where you target some days to add extra carbs. 

• As the name suggests, the cyclical regimen alternates the meal plan to include fewer carbs, more fats, or proteins.

• Standard keto diet- is the regular regimen, which means no carbs, moderate protein, and high fats.

Keto Diet for Dummies

Switching from meathead to ketogenic regimen can be distressing at first. It takes time to permanently get rid of carbohydrates and high-protein food and desserts. Also, it can be overwhelming for a beginner to turn their taste buds to keto diet snacks. 

Preparing and cooking is a tussle for the blockchain experts, and you could be wondering can you sustain a keto diet without cooking. Yes, you can use proteins and fat supplements like the best keto friendly protein powder readily available in the local stores. Also, for the meat lovers, you can source processed meat and poultry locally. 

Maybe you’re a vegetarian and wondering how does this meal plan suit you. The keto diet is very dynamic. It serves all the energy needs and is easily modified to suit the desired food. You can prepare your keto diet for vegetarians at home and equally maintain the ketosis process.

There’s no specific person whom the keto diet cannot help. Anyone can quickly adapt to the diet by beginning low. Start with a cyclical, high protein meal plan before resulting in a standard and targeted keto diet. A gradual switch is better since the body may be prone to a compromised immune system. 

It does not mean the meal plan will affect the body adversely. A keto diet origin was to manage life-threatening conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, and diabetes. It cannot be harmful to the body. 

Bottom Line

Blockchain technologists are resulting in a keto diet for brain sharpness and healthy life. This meal plan comes in different versions depending on the person. A gradual intake of a keto diet is best suited for beginners to avoid stressing the body due to a lack of essential food. 

Tell us about your keto diet in the blockchain technology career. Share your beginner experience to encourage someone stuck to offset the keto diet.

Author’s bio: My name is Adam Reeve and I have been a professional personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 10 years. Also, I’m a life coach, wellness writer, and low carb diets, enthusiast.

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