6 Helpful Tools for Managers Working from Home

6 Helpful Tools for Managers Working from Home

This pandemic has brought different difficulties for many businesses and offices around the world. Because of this, every management and team has to come up with different ways and strategies to make sure that the office is well-managed and that their team members are properly monitored. 

If you are a manager who is used to using tools and software to supervise your team, you may not be worried about the switch to the new normal. However, if you are used to overseeing them personally, then you may need to do some drastic adjustments.

Helpful Online Tools for Managers

Luckily, since technology has continuously adapted to the needs of the different users, managers and supervisors alike can easily transition to the new way of managing a team. In this article, we will take a look at the different online tools that every manager can use to seamlessly support their teams while working remotely.

1. PDFBear

Since many businesses nowadays use PDF as the primary file format for their documents and paper works, it’s necessary to have an online PDF tool that performs many tasks. With PDFBear, you can convert doc to pdf, or vice versa; you can merge or split PDF files, and you can even affix your signature on a PDF file.

One of the best things about PDFBear is that it is 100% web-based and it will not require you to download any software to perform all the tasks. All you need to do is to visit their website, upload the PDF, and follow 4 simple steps to convert, edit, merge, or sign a PDF file. It’s completely safe to use because of its encrypted security system, plus it’s fast and convenient. PDFBear is the best tool to come in handy for all your PDF maintenance and modification needs.

2. Google Suite

From creating a document to presenting in a meeting, Google Suite offers a variety of office tools that can help you manage the tasks of your team members. One of the best features of Google Suite is its collaboration functions where you can comment, edit, and leave a message to the creators of the document. All of which management tools can be seen and accessed real-time so you and your team members can surely address it immediately.

Another good aspect of Google Suite is its shareability with security features. It means that you can share the files with a specific user but can also limit their access to them. Hence, no need to worry about the integrity of your documents. However, if you really wish to keep track of who edits or uses the file, Google Suite also has a Version History feature that’s perfect for all managers and supervisors. 

Google Suite is accessible via mobile on both Android and iOS devices. You can download the App on your phone to make sure that you can continuously monitor your team’s output anytime and anywhere.

3. Zoom

Even if you are working remotely, you can still call for an emergency meeting with Zoom. It’s an App and web-based video conferencing platform which allows you to invite up to 100 participants in a maximum of 45 minutes for the free account, while up to 1000 participants and unlimited video calling for the paid membership.

Zoom has become one of the most useful Apps when the pandemic started, as it truly captures the essence of conference meetings and team huddles. It’s very easy to use and very convenient as well. As a manager, this is surely one of the most important tools to make sure that your team is properly supervised even when you’re working from home.

4. Trello

There are different task management tools available nowadays, but Trello is one of the most convenient and user-friendly of them all. With Trello, you can assign tasks, provide instructions, and monitor its progress in real-time. Plus, it also sends reminders and notifications via email and on the web-based platform to make sure that there will be no delays.

You can also get a ping when a job is already done so you can check it right away. It surely is going to be a hassle to continuously send a chat or private message to your team members from time to time just to check their progress. When using Trello, it will be easier for you to check on their productivity without disturbing their working hours. It’s a new and innovative way to supervise your team’s tasks.

5. Slack 

In terms of messaging apps, Slack is one of the most secure and organized software that you can use. It has a web-based platform, downloadable software for the computer, and an App for mobile devices. With Slack, you can create a private channel and only invite your team members using your company email. Inside their channel, you can create groups and other sub-channels for different teams and departments.

It’s a secured messaging platform where you can make sure that only invited individuals can have access to your conversations. Slack can also be connected to your Google Calendar and Google Suite, which makes it easier for your entire team to collaborate. And most importantly, it has a feature to personalize each user’s status message to properly monitor if your team member is currently working, on a break, or away from their keyboards.

6. Dropbox

When you are working in the office, you may probably have an internal server where all the files are saved and can be accessed by other users in the network. However, when you’re working from home, it’s impossible to be connected to the same server. Thankfully, there are cloud-sharing servers such as Dropbox.

You and your team create a Dropbox account to store all your documents in one cloud folder. In that way, it will be easier for you and your team to share, submit, and access each other’s files even when you are at home. A free Dropbox account will allow you to store up to 2GB of files, while a paid account can be up to 25GB.

Working From Home Made Easy

Managing your team remotely is surely a bit harder compared to seeing them in the office all the time. Good thing, you have these tools to help you supervise them even when you are all working from home. It’s difficult to manage a team, so it’s better to work smarter than the difficulties we are experiencing right now because of the pandemic.

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