The Latest Coppa Italia Game Review

The Latest Coppa Italia Game Review

Classic football betting has always been one of the most exciting markets on BetSofa and other platforms. Far not all sports feature so many interesting matches, resulting in appealing odds for many events. In this review, let’s revise the most beautiful moments and results in the Inter vs. Fiorentina tournament. 

Inter had Fiorentina on the ropes at extra time. In this way, the team reached the Coppa Italia’s quarterfinal. Let us remember that Inter beat Fiorentina 2:1 on their rival’s pitch. Nerazzurri had taken the lead shortly before the halftime break of the match. A midfielder Arturo Vidal successfully hit the ball from the penalty markup. In its turn, Fiorentina avenged the loss after the halftime break thanks to the Christian Kouamé’s goal. 

 Inter Won the Match. Did Everybody Know It?

The game’s regulation play finished with a draw. Its fate was pretty much sealed at the final minutes of the match’s second extra time. At that moment, striker Romelu Lukaku led his team to the victory. By the way, Romelu Lukaku was recognized as the best Belgian soccer player who plays abroad. 

So, Inter will meet Milan in the quarterfinal. Napoli and Juventus have also managed to reach this point of the national championship. 

The Inter’s victory was rather predictable. That’s why many fans bet on this team in their sportsbooks. The odds for Nerazzurri’s success were 1.69 and 4.20 for a draw. The odds for Fiorentina’s win were 4.50. The bookmakers were not mistaken in their belief that a draw of 0:0 is possible, offering the odds of 8.00.

 Sports Events on BetSofa: Great Chances for All Sports Fans

Those who prefer to watch live football matches online should enter the BetSofa portal. High-quality broadcast provides an exciting experience for all fans and punters. One can make predictions for both the semi-final and final results. Still, for now, the average odds for Juventus’ ultimate victory are 1.50 – 1.55. Interestingly, not many fans and bookmakers believed that Juventus would reach the quarterfinal. As we see, those who had bet against this team made a great mistake. All this stuff is further proof that football matches are exciting, unpredictable, and memorable. 

There are many other options for avid bettors on BetSofa apart from football. It’s possible to choose any sports events you like, including such sports like hockey, basketball, tennis, and many others. Note that the e-sport is also presented on the portal. All the guests can freely place a bet beforehand or enjoy turns and twists of live betting. Just create a free account and join the active sports community.

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