How Relief Agencies Can Help People Displaced Due To Famine Or War

If a natural disaster were to occur and there was no aid to support those impacted, many more lives would be lost and there would be a lack of hope and prosperity. Relief agencies provide aid, emergency supplies and assistance to those who are without a home, have limited to no food, and require medical assistance. The job of a relief agency is to ensure those that are afflicted by the natural disaster, such as famine or war, are looked after, protected, fed, and have the needed resources to rebuild their lives. 
How Relief Agencies Can Help People Displaced Due To Famine Or War

Displacement is one outcome of famine and war. Refugees are leaving their homes behind because they no longer feel safe and are looking for a safer, more prosperous place for them and their family to live. Relief agencies can help those who are fleeing by offering them shelter, protection, health care and the resources needed for them to start a new life.

Here are some ways in which a relief agency can help people displaced due to famine and war.

1. Offering Shelter and Protection

Relief agencies such as Alight offer humanitarian assistance through global sheltering and protection, amongst other things. Refugees will typically be placed in a refugee camp that offers them shelter and a place to stay, whether it be on a short or long-term basis. These refugee camps need to be designed and built so that they offer the structure and stability needed for those fleeing their homes. The purpose of a refugee camp is to offer families a roof over their head as well as comfort and necessities while they create a new life for themselves.

In the event of war or famine, such conflict can lead to an increase in violence against women and girls. Aid agencies offer protection to those who are at risk of experiencing such trauma as well as support for those who have experienced violence. Counselling is often offered to those who have witnessed or been subjected to violence, with many relief agencies also offering legal assistance and support.

2. Providing Health Care

Health care is minimal or non-existent in many countries experiencing conflict, war and/or famine. Therefore, aid agencies will typically head to such places with clinical consultants so that they can provide care to patients, but also educate them on how they can take better care of themselves. Of course, relief agencies can provide different levels of health care. 

In the event of a disaster, they may offer supplies and quick aid so that they can treat the wounded as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, relief agencies will also help build hospitals and offer the education and resources needed to that they can become self-sufficient. 

3. Helping Refugees Start a New Life

The end goal for many aid agencies is to help refugees start a new life and become self-sufficient so that they do not have to depend on others. While relief agencies will offer support and the tools for refugees as they adapt to a new environment and come to terms with any trauma that they may have experienced, aid agencies will want to ensure the people who have been displaced can live a fulfilling and happy life.

Relief agencies offer support and supplies to those who have experienced or been displaced by a humanitarian crisis. However, these charities and organizations need support if they are to continue doing good in the world. Be sure to donate or volunteer your time if you can.
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