5 Benefits of Dedicated Proxies for Small Businesses

5 Benefits of Dedicated Proxies for Small Businesses

If you are running a small business, you may be struggling with the type of proxy to use. Your best bet would be a dedicated or private proxy. It is different from other proxies because you get exclusive use instead of sharing. Your business will realize many benefits, as we will highlight in our article below.

Understanding Proxies and How They Work

Before we go into the discussion of dedicated proxies, it helps to understand what they are. A proxy is an online computer that acts as an intermediary,  or middleman between your browser and remote server. 

Depending on the type, they provide security and privacy. They also help circumvent website restrictions. It is important to understand the different classifications when shopping for one. 

Shared proxies assign privileges to more than one user at a time. You all use one IP address, which presents its challenges. They tend to be slow and offer the least security. Websites may flag them, resulting in blacklisting or bans.

Dedicated or private proxies only allow for one user at a time. They offer higher levels of anonymity and are more secure. 

Let's take the example of SOCKS5 private proxies. They hide your IP address by giving you a new one. Further, you get different authentication levels for better security. What makes them really ideal is that setting it up is easy. You get fast and reliable connections, no matter where the traffic is coming from. This is in stark contrast to HTTP proxies that only accept information from HTTPS and HTTP websites. 

Why Your Small Business Needs a Dedicated Proxy 

There are some advantages to dedicated proxies. Let's look at the most significant ones below. 

Online Anonymity

A proxy provides online anonymity by giving you a new IP address. It is an excellent way to browse privately, without 3rd parties knowing what you are up to. 

For a business, it provides so many conveniences. Such include:- 

• Web scraping capabilities allow you to collect tons of data from many sites. Some sites will block repeated requests from one IP address. You can circumvent such restrictions by not revealing your address. A rotating proxy, for example, will give you a new IP with each request. By doing this, the remote server will not know that the traffic is coming from one place.
• It makes competitor analysis easier by giving you anonymity when you visit their sites.
• You can circumvent geo-blocking. You get access to information that may not be available in your geographic location.
• As a business owner, you can track internet usage and the sites your staff members visit. Further, you can block sites that could be dangerous or add no value to your business.

Faster Internet Speed

As a small business, it pays to build an online community. One way is to give online users a good experience on your site. Slow page loading speeds can chase away online visitors. 

Slow speeds are a common problem with shared proxies, especially at peak traffic hours. A dedicated proxy allows for faster internet speeds since you are not sharing the server. 

You also get faster internet speed due to web caching and data compressing. 

Web caching allows for storing of web pages that you frequently visit. It eliminates the need to send repeated requests to remote servers every time. You will find this functionality especially useful in peak traffic hours.

Better Online Security

Do you know that up to 43% of cyber-attacks happen to small businesses? Up to 60% of such companies will not survive the attacks. Within six months, they will no longer exist. 

If you do not want to be part of the statistics, pay close attention to your online security.

A significant challenge with shared proxies is that the level of security is not high. They are easily accessible to cybercriminals. It is crucial for business owners to protect their data at all costs. 

Dedicated proxies are a safer option. When shopping for one, look at the security features as a critical deciding factor. The proxy provides a barrier that makes it difficult for hackers to access your system. 

Data encryption ensures that only the intended recipient has access to the information. Further, with anonymity, while browsing, no one can watch your online movement.

You Avoid Ad Disruptions

You will find free shared proxies in the market. They may seem like an attractive option; after all, who wants to spend money if they don't need to. But, always remember the adage; cheap is expensive. 

The developers of the free proxies have to make money in some way. One of these is to run ads. You will have no choice but to accept the inconvenience if you want to enjoy the use of the proxy. 

You know how frustrating it is to encounter ads every time you open a webpage. So, why would you want to put your online visitor through such frustrations? 

Further, such ads could contain malicious code or even slow down the page loading speeds.

Are we saying that all free proxies are bad? Absolutely not. But would you want to risk your business by taking a trial and error approach in looking for a good one? 

Consider it an investment to go for private proxies. They do not have ads, banners, or other marketing material that have no relevance to you. 

Proxies Help With Social Media Management

Social media marketing is an inexpensive yet efficient way of reaching target audiences. To maximize the potential, you may want to open many accounts on each platform. But, some platforms will not allow you to control more than one account from one IP address.

Your best bet would be to hide your IP with a dedicated proxy. You get different addresses that allow you to manage all the platforms.

Final Thoughts

Dedicated proxies offer a lot of benefits to small businesses. We have highlighted the most significant ones above. When shopping for one, have a good understanding of your business needs. 

Next, take the time to do your research. Articles, such as this one, are excellent sources of information.  But, it pays to do a little more due diligence. 

Also, do not forget to read customer reviews. There is no better source of honest feedback.

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