How To Make Emotional Videos For Companies

How To Make Emotional Videos For Companies

There are many ways through which a message can be conveyed. One of them is undoubtedly emotional corporate videos. You can focus on fun, emotion, curiosity, nostalgia or motivation. In any case, there will always be a common denominator: emotion.

The emotion in the videos allows you to communicate with your audience directly by leveraging the human side. Obviously, the same message can be conveyed in many different ways based on your brand's philosophy and your target audience.This article will guide you through the discovery of an emotional corporate video, explaining how it is made and why it is today more than ever a valid investment. 

What Is An Emotional Corporate Video?

An emotional video is a tool born to support what Bernd H. Schmitt, a professor at Columbia University, defined for the first time "emotional marketing."These are his words:"A memorable experience that the customer must experience, one that exceeds his expectations."

This means of communication aims to get in touch with your target audience by creating a bond that is based on the sharing of values and ideals. In short, about the exchange of emotions.When 2016, Kenzo Maison decided to launch its new fragrance, Kenzo World, opted for a very special video. 

In fact, the clip shows the hypnotic and liberating dance of a dancer, which became the perfect metaphor for modern femininity and, at the same time, for overcoming old stereotypes.It became viral in a very short time, the video not only communicated "buy our perfume," but something more:“Do you want to feel beautiful, free and a little crazy every day? Kenzo World is the fragrance for you”.

When should I use an emotional corporate video?

Although the use of emotional video is always closely linked to advertising, in recent years, its use has also increased for internal use. For example, using an emotional video during a training course can motivate and create empathy between those present and the company in which they work.

The video could focus on the stories of other employees, showing how rewarding and inspiring it is to work for the company in question. 

Why make an emotional corporate video?

An emotional corporate video is a valuable investment as it gives you the ability to convert your message into a story. Through a narrative structure and the human ingredient, you can reach your audience by leveraging their ability to identify. 

The goal is that of any other corporate video involvement, with the difference that the emotional video uses emotional levers while the story is being told.
What makes a good corporate video emotional?
You will have understood that to make a good video of this type, you need a story to tell and a good dose of emotions.Be warned, though. It's not as easy as it sounds.If you want your video to work, it is very important to focus on the type of emotion you want to convey.

Creating an emotional corporate video that works is a long process in which creativity and technical skills must meet, which is why it would always be advisable to turn to a team of experts for this type of investment.We recommend focusing on some aspects related to the philosophy of your brand, your target, and the product you want to talk about.

Define your message

Before starting to think about the story of your video, you need to focus on the message.What do you want to tell? 
Try to focus on a simple narrative that gets to the point. Here are two important tips:
• Think about what your brand means to consumers - does it drive them to make money or save money?
• Do you understand what drives a potential customer to buy your products: do you value respect for the environment or support a specific type of cultural identification?

Combine your message with a social topic

You have chosen your message, now what?Now you should try to make what you want to say as personal and original as possible.For this, we recommend that you do your research to try to understand which are the most interesting themes of the moment so that you can use them to build your story.

Remember that your video must tell something that others can easily identify with. Talking about a hot topic can be very useful for making you known and consolidating your brand on a social level.
Here are some suggestions:

• Think outside the box and if you get an idea, check that it hasn't come to someone else before you;
• Once you understand your message, try to think of images and/or sounds that this arouses in you;
• Try to propose a solution with your product and/or service.

Convert your message into a story

After identifying the proper focus regarding the message, it is time to think about a story.Building a story isn't easy. The narrative must, in fact, be consistent with the message and with your target.

It also needs to have a well-defined human side so that the audience can really identify with it. The human element can be a single protagonist, two or three.

Define the narrative structure

A very important aspect of building your emotional corporate video's “life story” concerns the narrative structure.There are many ways in which you can set it. Whichever you choose, it is important to stay consistent with your message and avoid directorial virtuosity that could make the viewer lose the thread.
Be honest and transparent with the audience
In order for the audience to empathize with your story, it is also necessary to convey trust. The goal of emotional videos must be twofold: to involve and at the same time create a certain image of your brand.

This image must be consistent with the values of your company and with those of your target audience. Knowing the reality behind the brand is very important for consumers as it allows them to shop with awareness and not in a poke.

Suppose you are a company that produces detergents. In that case, you could build a commercial in which you appear sensitive to the issue of environmental sustainability, perhaps offering products that combine performance with a high rate of biodegradability. 

Promotion of the video

After completing your video, the final step is to promote it to get more coverage.Obviously, it is advisable to choose a type of promotion that is in line with the video's message: whether it is a corporate video or an advertisement.

In this sense, social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook and YouTube, represent essential tools since they give the possibility to make targeted investments.By doing this, your video will be an optimized medium, thanks to which you can more easily reach your target audience by using the algorithm. 

To conclude

The way emotional corporate videos are made continues to evolve with us. However, this medium is one of the favorites for companies globally. It can drive the target audience thanks to empathy and identification with the brand. Therefore, choosing to make an emotional video represents an investment that can bring you great satisfaction over the long term, especially if combined with a solid marketing campaign.
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