How To Build An App Like Uber - Steps, Features And Cost

How To Build An App Like Uber - Steps, Features And Cost

We are living in the age of technology. Here everyone is fond of the internet and a mobile phone. We bring our phones everywhere and use them to fulfill every need of our life. 

In the case of traveling, we depend on our phones widely. Along with traditional transports we also use smart cabs many times. So in the case of a transport business, no one can imagine a successful ridesharing business without a smart taxi app like uber. 

But unfortunately, these smart taxi apps have almost replaced all kinds of traditional transport services. Smart cabs services must have more facilities than the traditional transport systems, such as: if it provides door to door pickup, drop feature, it allows online rent payment methods, and much more. Therefore people like to prefer smart cab service over the traditional one. 

So, to reach the peak of success in the traveling business everyone needs to develop a mobile app like uber. There is rivalry in every business. The taxi industry is not exceptional in that case. Initially, everybody will face sharp competition there. From the very early days, we have to compete with ola, uber, and many other cab companies which have millions of active users and huge amounts of revenue. 

So we need to follow a few smart steps to compete with such strong opponents. Initially, we should provide various types of offers to users so that they choose our taxi booking app over the competitors. In other words, our taxi booking service needs a strong and well recognized brand with a persuasive value proposition. To know more about uber like app developmentgo through the following article thoroughly.  

 Now we are going to discuss about the steps, features, and costs of the taxi booking app like uber- 


1. Offer a unique value proposition: When you are creating a mobile app for cab booking you should offer unique value to both drivers and passengers. 

2. Find your Niche: You should find a niche in the taxi booking app market with low competition.

3. Choose a revenue model: While you are going to start a smart cab app you need to choose a revenue model according to the market. 

4. You need to shape your vision: firstly you need to gather all of the requirements to initiate the project and then you have to bring it out to the taxi mobile app development team. 

5. Create a taxi booking app technical documentation: The app development team will create a technical specification for your application. They will also attach users stories and suggests the architectural specifications and also  apply tech stack

6. Develop the app’s MVP like uber: All taxi app developers must implement user’s stories based on their priority and it’s their duty to conduct unit testing to find and fix errors.

Features for passengers:-

1. Login and signup: Allow passengers to login to the app anytime by using the phone number and verification code sent in SMS. This is very problematic to put every detail during login each time. Once a profile is updated with all the documents then allow customers to login and book a taxi just by providing minimal data.

2. Passenger’s profile: Ask the passengers to provide all details during signing up for the first time. If they need to change any personal data, then allow them to do so.

3. Define user’s location: Allow the app to define the exact location of the customer that he/she can have the cab from the doorstep.

4. Details of the journey: Allows the customers to place a cab request and let them set the destination before the journey starts. So they can have an idea about the taxi fare and traveling time. They will be able to set a route by adding several destinations.

5. Details of the driver and the car: Do not forget to provide the list of drivers and their personal information. This will help the passengers to feel safe while riding. Also, provide the car details so passenger’s family members can track the car when their beloved one is traveling through it. 

6. Online payment option: Allow the passengers to pay through their credit or debit card or by using any smart app. This may provide a hassle-free payment for the customers.

Features for drivers:-

1. Driver’s profile: Allow drivers to upload their personal information like name, phone number, car details, etc. in case of any changes let them edit their profile.

2. Geolocation: This exclusive feature helps drivers to navigate to the exact location of the passenger with built-in street navigation. So the driver can provide door-to-door pickup and drop fidelity to their customers.

3. Trip detail: This feature includes information about the passenger’s approval of the ride, notifying the passenger that the driver has arrived, and the starting and ending time of the trip. Therefore a driver can confirm his next trip just before finishing his ongoing one. 

Cost details of app(like uber)making:-

The cost of developing a taxi app depends upon many factors. The software company you have engaged for app development, time given to them for the project, the number of features you want to add to your app, everything can affect the cost of the app development.

The location of the app development team defines the hourly rate of an app developer. If the developer is from the US or Canada, they may charge Rs 7000/- to Rs 18000/-. In the case of an Indian developer, it will be cheaper than that. In the case of app functionality- the more features you want to add, the more amount you have to pay. 

If you engage an expert software development company that has already done similar projects, they will cost higher than the market but will finish the project earlier than others. 

 Final thoughts:-

The process of app making like uber is followed by many steps. After balancing the investment and profit, rivalry in the market, and customer facility we can start an online traveling app. Here, we have tried to give a brief idea about the app-making steps, features, and cost. To know more about uber like app development read the above article carefully.

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