Heva Clinic: Afro-Hair Transplant Specialization in Turkey

Heva Clinic: Afro-Hair Transplant Specialization in Turkey

Regardless of their ethnicity, people who were born with Afro-type curly hair have a natural tendency to seek Afro-hair specialist salons, hairdressers, relaxers, scalp oils, conditioners, and cosmetics. We feel most at ease when in the capable hands of products and professionals who understand how it feels to have natural Afro hair. It is beautiful, charming, and elegant that needs throughout TLC for a lifetime.

Heva Clinic: Afro-Hair Transplant Specialization in Turkey

For the majority of people who have natural Afro-hair, it is also a matter of ancestry and identity. It is, therefore, important to be understood.
Very few will know that individuals with afrohair spend nine times more in time and money on hair and grooming than those who don’t have afrohair. Those lucky enough not to be affected by hairloss that is.

“We have collected thousands of smiles, prayers, and good wishes thus far…” comments Dr Seda Oleroglu from Heva Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.

Heva Clinic: Afro-Hair Transplant Specialization in Turkey

“A good portion of our hair transplant patients have afro-hair type who would have never imagined a few years back that they could have that successful hair transplant results” she says. 

HevaClinic takes afro-type hair transplant seriously, and it is among the top ten worldwide in afro-textured hair transplant operations, attracting tens of thousands from all around the world.
We all know that practice makes perfect, however, Turkey also seems to have some of the best surgeons in the World while investing in ultramodern facilities to make patients feel confident and at home.

Heva Clinic didn’t become a top hairtransplant clinic overnight. They only work with the best medical professionals, genuinely care for patient satisfaction, build trust over online consultations, answer every single question, and walk patients through each step of the process providing proper explanations.
It is therefore that this particular clinic has become the Mekka for something quite specific and special; Afro-hair transplants.

It is no wonder that patients travel from the US, Canada, the African continent, and Europe trusting in the skillful hands of Turkish surgeons. They are gentle and professional at the same time, making you feel cared for on your hair transplant journey.

Heva Clinic: Afro-Hair Transplant Specialization in Turkey

“I made some very good friends over the years with people from all around theworld whom I initially met as patients. I also believe in the power of the art of listening. I came to realize that individuals with Afro-hair only feel comfortable in the capable hands of someone who understands. 

They find it challenging to even trust a new saloon, so there are obvious concerns when it comes to a hair transplant procedure.
To be honest, it isn’t easy to perform a hair transplant on afro-hair, due to the micro curling behavior of hair grafts. We have to work with an intense focus.
A standard afro-hair transplant procedure takes a bit longer than non-afro hair types but it’s really worth it. My biggest personal reward is to witness the gratitude and happiness of my patients. 

Everything else is mostly technical expertise and experience which we have long achieved at Heva Clinic.” explains Dr. Oleroglu. 

On the technical side of the medallion, hair extraction procedures used in the past had a tendency to harm curly hair roots and diminish the vitality of hair follicles. Because early hair transplant techniques and methods were not designed to remove such hair follicles, older Afro-type hair transplant operations were frequently ineffective or would leave visible scarring.

Today, in the hands of the right surgeon, afro-hair transplant has become as simple as any other hair type because of technological advancements and medical expertise in hair transplant technologies. People with afrohair can now obtain a hair transplant that works just as well with a very high success rate. 

If too much thinking and information are confusing you, just book your free online consultation with a reliable clinic that is experienced at afro hair type. Afterall, it’s always a good idea to make reliable friends who can help you transform into your best youthful self…

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