5 Best Escape Room Games To Play At Home

Escape rooms are one-of-its-kind thrilling indoor adventures. The concept goes like this: a team of players is locked inside a thematic room with one hour to escape. In order to make it out on time, players need to decipher clues, find hints, and solve puzzles that can lead them to the final key step by step.
5 Best Escape Room Games To Play At Home

Over the past few years, this recreation has gained exceptional popularity, thanks to the growing demand for alternative entertainment avenues. People started discovering that escape rooms are a very inclusive activity, suited for all sorts of occasions and company. Consequently, the growth that this industry witnessed worldwide was inevitable. In 2014, the US had only around 25 breakout escape room facilities, but in the next two years, the annual growth rate jumped to 317% and 800%, respectively.

Ever since the graph has been steadily increasing until the pandemic hit, social distancing and isolation regulations put a stop to the business flow of escape facilities, and the industry faced a crisis, indeed temporarily. Eventually, companies came up with innovative ways to provide escape experiences virtually. The concept was such a huge hit that even after physical facilities reopened, most brands are continuing their remote experiences.

If you are looking for some kick-ass escape adventures to enjoy from the comfort of your home, check out these options:

1. Unlock!

The great part about playing this game is how conveniently it can fit into the space of your home. The game comprises a pack of rectangular cards and the requirement of input a couple of times on your tablet or mobile phone using the companion app of the game. The cards that you play with have some great illustrations on one side and numbers written on the other side of them.

The game initially opens up with a 'room card' that brings forth the theme but, more importantly, is filled with numbers and letters. You will be amazed to note the immense diversity of themes that this game will bring under your roof! Now, your task is to search for cards containing the corresponding numbers. After you find them, lay them out, and move on to build the space as you continue your exploration.

Some cards in the deck might have the illustration of a locked door and work on a mechanism that can be solved by a digital puzzle on the app. In some cases, the app might also show you an item that you need to escape. This is the most exciting and important part of the game.

The game is going to keep your team engaged for as long as they continue their quest of looking for the required card from the deck. It is a great alternative to the in-person escape games that you might have played earlier.

2. Escape Room in a Box

Escape Room in a Box is yet another amazing game that you can try out from your home. Interestingly enough, the game involves the requirement of a few chunky parts like a few heavy envelopes, building blocks, and even a couple of miniature cases. All these are kept locked up using real padlocks.

You would be amazed as you reveal the various parts of this game. Another intriguing factor about playing it is you would also require to use a particular household item which will surely surprise you. It won't take much time for players to understand the rules in the game, for everything lies right in front of you. So, all you need to do is get started with the game itself!

Other than the fact that Escape Room in a Box is a bit costly for anyone to be putting their money on, the rest of the gaming experience is enough to make it worth it. Just as the name suggests, this big and chunky box will open up the entire thrilling chase of escape rooms right inside your home!

3. Escape Room: The Game

The Escape Room: The Game is available in a wide range of game packs with the basic requirement of the Chrono Decoder hardware. Use the decoder guides written on both sides to understand the working better. The LCD countdown timer that comes with the game adds a tense a-bomb-is-about-to-defuse vibe as you continue your game.

The game rules are pretty simple. You have to just enter the right keys into the decoder in time to win. But wait, there is more. You will find three different rooms included in your pack, based on different themes. The themes range from a theme park to even a deep jungle.

For each room, you have to crack a code and execute it as you put the plastic keys into the decoder. A combination of numbers, shapes, letters, and directions marks each key. The way to get to the code requires you to solve a few tricky puzzles where you harness your logical and critical thinking abilities.

Download the app for playing a few background soundtracks and help you to create the desired ambiance for your expedition. Even though the game is generally intended for 3 to 5 players, you can also play with 2 players. Playing this game can be a great way to spend some quality time with your entire family right from the comfort of your home. This escape game is best enjoyed when played with a big team.

4. Deckscape

This game does not take into consideration many padlocks in its making. Instead, the game focuses on a sequence of numbers or letters. In Deckscape, players will come across several puzzle cards. Each one will showcase before them a clue (or some information) and, of course, a question. Your task is simple, find the answer.

After you think you are set on the answer, simply flip the card to check if you are right or wrong. Keep an account of all incorrect answers that any player gives and count them as you go. Lastly, incorrect answers will add up to a two-minute penalty to your score.

Deckscape provides a rather smooth escape room experience, as it wards off the frustration of remaining stuck with one unsolved puzzle. From grown-ups to teenagers, all are bound to be engrossed by the immense fun and adventure that the game opens up before them.

5. Exit: The Game

Exit: The Game has a vast array of over a dozen escape room game packs that you can choose from to spend a fun evening at your home.  Each game set opens up a single escape room before players. You can choose from the different available themes and difficulty levels and take one that suits your taste.

From exploring the corners of a spooky cabin or solving the mystery held inside the pharaoh's tomb, the best part about these games is the amazing puzzles or riddles. As you go over these puzzles, you will be surprised to notice the details that each one showcases and the integrity with which they open up the game. There are endless varieties when it comes to the way the puzzles are designed.

The only sad fact about this board game is it's not reusable, for players need to cut different parts of the game to win. But once you are done at last with the entire game, you will revel in the joy and thrill that the game showered over you.


Get ready to spend some quality time with your family or friends as you dig into these games over the next weekend!
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