7 Best Islamic Apps Every Muslim Must Have In 2022

7 Best Islamic Apps Every Muslim Must Have In 2022

We have become more connected to one another thanks to the technology revolution, which offers information and knowledge at our fingertips. A population of more than 1.8 billion makes it not surprising that there is a huge Islamic app market with an assortment of Islamic apps to choose from.

Not only are Islamic apps growing in popularity, but they're also growing in necessity. Muslims need to have access to apps that can help them stay on the straight and narrow in a world where Islamic values are being attacked constantly.

Several Islamic apps are available on the market, each with its features and advantages. We have compiled a list of 7 of the best Islamic applications that every Muslim should have on his or her smartphone.

7 Islamic Apps You Should Download in 2022

• Muslim & Quran Pro

Muslim and Quran Pro: Ramadan 2022 is one of the best Islamic prayer times applications available for your mobile device. The app will provide an introduction to an Islamic lifestyle regardless of whether you are a new convert or a long-time Muslim. According to your location, the app will provide prayer times.

The app can be used for several purposes, including reading the Quran and reciting Duas, as well as checking the Hijri Gregorian calendar date. Thus, using the app will enable you to become a better Muslim.

The app allows you to receive notifications of prayer requests by choosing from a wide selection of beautiful adhans (calls to prayer). If you want to explore more about Islam as well, then you browse through the extensive collection of Hadith as well.

Furthermore, the application also permits users to complete the Holy Quran using it. You can find translations in multiple languages, transliterations, and audio recitations of the Quran on this app.

• Quran Majeed

Muslim users are very fond of Quran Majeed, one of the most popular Quran applications. This application facilitates the learning of Quranic recitation. The Quran Majeed app includes the entire Quran in an appealing Uthmanic script that makes for an elegant experience.

The mobile application contains four English translations and 45 translations in other languages. Furthermore, the app contains 15 audio recordings by renowned reciters. Millions of people have downloaded the app.

Quran Majeed also provides features such as the Hijri Calendar, prayer times, and visualizations of the High Definition of the Quran. What's more, the mobile app can also be accessed during offline browsing without affecting functionality.

• Islam 360

Islam 360 consists of several useful features, such as the Quran, Surah categories, a listing of all juz, and translations. It is possible to read the Quran in Urdu with its word-to-word translations using Islam 360.

The app provides additional functionality, such as the ability to highlight, bookmark, or add another note to a specific page. By using Islam 360, you can search for Quranic words through the Arabic language, and you will be directed to the relevant ayat. The feature is unusual and is very useful for searching for specific words in the Quran.

• Dua& Zikr

Dua and Zikr provide the convenience of reading duas and supplications throughout the day. There is an extensive collection of duas in this app related to a variety of daily activities from day tonight.

Various topics can be covered, such as making dua for leaving the house, using the washroom, going to the mosque, and seeking guidance. Over 326 duas are available in the app, as well as translations as well as transliterations taken from the Quran and Sunnah. Users can also customize the font size according to their preferences. Furthermore, audio files can be shared between friends.

• Islamic GPS

Muslims can find mosques near them with Islamic GPS, an augmented reality app.

Islam GPS, however, is one of a few mosque-locating applications that go above and beyond what many others do. With this application, users can explore Islamic heritage sites throughout the world and communicate with others.

The use of augmented reality can be used in a way that makes the process more engaging and interactive because it makes it fun and interactive.

Using the app is as simple as holding the phone in front of you and navigating through its excellent features. All nearby mosques within a radius of 20 kilometers will be listed, as well as their directions. This app came out in 2016 and is available to download in 94 countries.

• Scan Halal

To ensure a balanced diet that adheres to Islamic beliefs, Muslims scan the food using the Scan Halal app. It was also released in December 2014 that an app scanning barcodes on food items provided a database containing over a million products. The applicant's data determines whether a food item is halal based on this information.

Users can select the Halal Standards Checker app to determine if a food meets Halal standards depending on the standards they wish to apply. "Zabiha" appears to be the most restrictive halal standard setting. Even a bit of liquor, pork, or meat foods would be forbidden by these rules.

The "non-zabiha" setting is a more relaxed environment. Regardless of the cutting technique employed, meat products other than pork are permitted in this setting. Additionally, there is a feature that allows the user to specify specific dietary requirements. Scan Halal can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans without any issue.

Read here to find more about Halal food standards in Islam

Muslim Pro

One of the top Muslim apps on the list is undoubtedly a must-have app on your phone. It is one of the most widely used applications by Muslims worldwide.

According to the Muslim Pro website, over 100 million people have downloaded the app as of December 2020. This app provides Muslims with very helpful applications such as planning for prayer, locating halal food in their neighborhood, and alerts about fast times during the holy month of Ramadan. The app is currently available in 15+ languages.

In this application, several excellent features are available, such as a full translation of the Holy Quran, audio recitations, a Qibla locator to indicate the direction to Mecca, and a general Islamic calendar.

Additionally, it shows you halal restaurants and mosques near you and provides prayer times based on your location. If you wish to have only one app on your mobile regarding Islam and Quran, then this is the one.

Conclusion for 7 best Islamic Apps Every Muslim Must Have

The digitization of the Islamic lifestyle is a positive development. Specially developed Islamic apps cater to the needs of Muslims in their everyday lives. While working or in a non-Muslim country, Muslims may have trouble reciting the Quran or determining the correct Qibla. Islamic apps are a helpful tool in such cases.
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