Football Betting Strategies: How To Start Making Money

Football Betting Strategies: How To Start Making Money

Football is able to bring pleasure, excitement, and joy from the victories of your favorite team. In addition, betting on this sport allows you to earn pretty good money. To do this, it is good to use methods that will not allow you to lose a big sum of money.

Tips from experienced cappers enable beginners to bet with high chances of winning on any bookmaker site, betwinner for example. The use of the most moneymaking football betting strategies distinguishes professional bettors from regular bookmaker clients who often lose money.

It's pointless to bet on guessing. It is not enough to evaluate the results of recent matches for success. The use of working strategies will increase the chances of winning. Next, we will discuss several of these strategies.


In an accumulator, betting odds are multiplied. It is enough to bet on three-four events to increase the number of possible winnings by 10-15 times. However, you need to choose outcomes with odds higher than 2. The chances of winning, in this case, are quite small.

The low odds betting strategy allows you to reduce the probability of losing. It has two principles:

• Select events with odds up to 1.2.
• Bet on a maximum of three matches.

You need to make sure that the favorites have strong motivation to earn three points and have no serious problems with the squad.

Here you can get acquainted with the best performances of African players in Europe and, on this basis, make a prediction.

Double chance

According to this winning football betting strategy, the bet is successful when two out of three possible options are selected. It's important to approach แทงบอล as a form of entertainment and to bet responsibly within your means.In the betting list, double chance markets look like this:

• 1X - home win or draw.
• 12 – win of any team.
• X2 – guest win or draw.

The method is relevant when the bettor bets a large amount, doubting that the leader will win. The odds will be lower, but the probability of losing money is less.

Total bets

Being aware of the tricks and strategies in betting on football helps to achieve success when betting on the total. You need to take Over 2.5 goals when in the upcoming match:
• Teams play attacking football.
• The squads have strong scorers in good shape.
• The match is played under favorable weather conditions on a quality field.
• In the previous matches of the opponents, often there were many goals. During the season, both teams regularly play high-scoring matches.

When choosing an event, you can additionally focus on the average performance of the championship. This information will be both useful and beneficial.


Are there win-win football betting strategies?
There is no one win-win strategy. But there are strategies with high chances, which can be used correctly to win permanently.
What are the most popular successful football betting strategies?
Every professional bettor uses their own set of strategies. The most famous of them are bets on low odds accumulators, double chance, totals, late goals, and others.
What strategy should a beginner choose?
Beginners should choose the simplest strategies that do not require deep analysis. Any of the described in this article should be fine to start with.
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