Singapore Visas and Occupations - How Long Can You Stay?

Singapore Visas and Occupations - How Long Can You Stay?

If you wish to travel to Singapore, this post is for you! Traveling to Singapore as an Indian citizen is actually very easy. This post covers everything you need to know, including the Singapore visa application process, costs, and types of Singapore Visas Indian Citizens can apply for.

Do I Need a Visa for Singapore If I Have an Indian Passport?

Yes, citizens of India require a visa for Singapore. This means that you must apply for a visa before traveling to Singapore. In addition, your visa should meet your stay intent, which should align with your purpose of visit. For example, on a Singapore tourist visa for Indians, you cannot work or attend business meetings. The Singapore Tourist Visa is only for tourism purposes; if you wish to work while in Singapore, you must apply for a Singapore Work Visa or a Singapore Business Visa.

I'll discuss the types of Singapore visas in this post, so you can see which visa suits your purpose of travel best.

Can Indian Citizens Get a Visa on Arrival for Singapore?

No, Singapore's visa-on-arrival option does not apply to Indian citizens. And so, Indian passport holders need a previously approved visa to visit the country. You must apply for your visa online or through a Singapore Embassy.

What Are the Types of Singapore Visas for Indian Citizens?

There are several types of Singapore visas from India that you can apply for. You must apply for the type of Singapore Visa that suits your purpose of travel best. The types of Singapore visas available are:
- Singapore Tourist Visa: Indian citizens can apply for this Singapore visa online, also known as an electronic visa or an eVisa. This Singapore electronic visa (eVisa) allows you to stay in the country for tourism and leisure purposes. You can also visit friends and family with this Singapore Visa.
- Singapore Business Visa: Similarly, you can apply for this Singapore visa online, but you can only apply for this Singapore Visa if your purpose of travel is business.
- Singapore Long-Term Visit Pass: This visa allows you to visit Singapore multiple times.
Singapore Work Visa: This Singapore Visa allows you to stay and work in Singapore for short-term or long-term employment.
- Singapore Permanent Residence: This Singapore permanent residence visa will allow you to live, work or study in Singapore with your family members.

When Should I Apply for My Singapore Visa?

The ICA recommends that you apply for your Singapore visa for Indians one month before your intended travel date. You can also apply for your Singapore visa 2 weeks before your date of travel, but only if it's an eVisa, and that is the latest I recommend you apply for your Singapore visa.

What Are the Required Documents for A Singapore Visa for Indian Citizens?

You need to gather certain required documents before starting your Singapore visa application. These documents are crucial for your Singapore visa application; if you forget one of these travel documents, it might slow down the visa processing time. Ensure you have the following travel documents:

- A completed Form 14Asigned by you.
- A recent passport-size photograph (colour) taken within the last 3 months.
- A copy of your passport biodata page. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the day you enter Singapore.
- Proof of hotel bookings.
- Proof of a return flight ticket.
- Bank statements of the last 6 months to prove you have enough funds to cover your stay in Singapore.
- Health or travel insurance.

If you're applying for another type of Singapore visa, like a Singapore Study Visa or a Singapore Work Visa, you might need to provide additional documents. For example, you might need the following travel documents:

- A cover letter stating your details, visit purpose, and travel date.
- A valid passport copies of a Singaporean citizen.
- Proof of address in Singapore.
- Proof that you have financial support.

How Much Bank Balance Is Required for A Singapore Visa?

You must have a minimum of at least 50,000 - 1,00,000 INR per week per person. Make sure you have the necessary funds required for the Singapore Visa before applying. Not having enough funds could cause officials to deny your Singapore Visa.

What Is the Singapore Visa Application Process?

As mentioned above, there are a few ways to apply for a Singapore Visa for Indians. The first way is to have a permanent resident, or a Singapore citizen apply for a Tourist Visa on your behalf. The second method is in person at a Singapore Embassy or Consulate, and lastly, using a visa agent.

- How To Apply for Singapore Visa for Indians Online
- How Can I Apply for A Singapore Visa at A Singapore Embassy?

How To Apply for Singapore Visa for Indians Online

Once you have gathered your documents and decided how to apply for the visa, the rest should be easy. So, let's get down to the Singapore visa application process. First, you must provide your local contact or agent with all the required documents like your passport, return flight ticket, and any other travel documents they might need.

You also need to send your information like your passport details, travel information, address from your country of residence, and a passport-size photo. If your local contact applies for the Singapore visa, they must also pay the fee on your behalf.

Your local contact can apply for the visa on the ICA e-service website. Additionally, they will have to create a Singpass account.

Next, you must wait for the authorities to approve your visa application. Then, the visa application status can be checked online on the ICA e-service website.

If your visa says,"Visa application is Approved," your Local Contact must go to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) building and provide the following travel documents:

- A completed and signed form 14A with your photograph.
- Original duly completed and signed form V39A (letter of introduction).
- Photocopy of your passport bio-data page.
- Your Local Contact's original and a photocopy of Singapore Identity Card.

After your Local Contact submits the documents, they'll receive an email telling them if the visa is granted. If it was, they need to email the eVisa to you, and you need to print it out.

If you use a visa expert, they will take care of the entire process for you.

How Can I Apply for A Singapore Visa at A Singapore Embassy?

You must first make an appointment at your nearest Singapore Embassy in India. Next, you must make sure that you submit all the required travel documents. Then you need to pay your visa fee.

If you forget to submit some documents, the processing time could be longer or cause authorities to reject your application. This is because the embassy can only process your visa application upon receiving the hard copy of these documents.

The embassy will let you know via email if they approve your visa. Then you need to pick up your passport and visa at the embassy.

Can I Extend My Singapore Visa for Indians?

Yes, you can. If you wish to extend the visa, you can visit the ICA e-service website. However, you must extend your visa for Singapore before your current visa expires.

You might need to provide travel documents for the extension application:

- Passport details.
- Disembarkation/Embarkation (D/E) Card reference number.
- If you have family members in Singapore, you will need to provide proof of relationship

Your local sponsor (that applied for your visa the first time) can apply for your extension using the Singpassaccount.

How Long Can I Stay in Singapore?

The Singapore visa validity differs from the types of Singapore visas. The Singapore Business visa is valid for up to 2 years from the date of issue, and it's a multiple entry visa. However, you can only stay for a maximum of 30 days. The Singapore Tourist Visa is valid for 9 weeks, and you can stay in Singapore for up to 60 days.

What Is the Cost ofa Singapore Visa for Indian Citizens?

The Singapore visa cost for each application is S$30. You must pay the Singapore Visa cost when you apply for your Singapore visa. The fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the Singapore Visa application or if you withdraw the application after submission.

How Long Does It Take to Process a Singapore Visa for Indians?

Your visa application will be processed within 3 business days (excluding the day of submission). However, some applications may take longer to process. This could be because of a high volume of visa applications; it could also be that you applied during holidays.

Each visa application will be considered on its own merits.

Why Would They Reject My Singapore Visa?

There are a few reasons why officials can deny your Singapore Visa. These reasons include presenting a damaged or invalid passport if you apply for your Singapore Visa more than once, blurry passport-size photographs, and presenting false or improper information. Officials can also reject your Singapore visa if you apply for the wrong visa type. For example, you're traveling to Singapore for tourism but applied for a Singapore work visa.

What Should I Do If They Reject My Singapore Visa?

Suppose officials reject your Singapore visa; all you can do then is apply again. You'll need to go through the entire Singapore visa application process again (fill out forms and pay the Singapore visa cost). Unfortunately, you won't be able to get a refund for your previous application, so ensure that everything is correct the second time.

All Done

Now you can apply for your Singapore Visa without hassle. Everything you need to successfully apply for your Singapore Visa as an Indian Citizen is in this post.
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