The Best Women's Volleyball Teams

The Best Women's Volleyball Teams

Female volleyball matches can be a true delight to watch. Currently you can check live volleyball - India 1xBet offers plenty of matches of the best female teams of this sport from the entire world.

The FIVB has rankings that list both the best male and female teams. In the case of the latter, according to their standings, the top five national teams are as follows:
• Serbia;
• China;
• Italy;
• Brazil;
• and the United States.

The 1xBet India website allows you to check live volleyball matches of all these squads. The cases of Italy and Brazil are quite remarkable. This is because they are the only countries that have both their male and female national sides in the top 5 of the FIVB rankings.

New and classic contenders

The Italian women’s national volleyball team is a relatively late entrant into the elite of this sport. You can visit www.1xbet.in/line/volleyball now to make all kinds of wagers on this excellent team. From the 1950s onwards, the discipline had been dominated by countries like Russia, Japan or China. However, in 2002 they shocked the entire world by winning their first FIVB World Cup ever.

The story of the Brazilian team is different. They are the most winning team in the history of women’s volleyball. They were a dominating force in this sport before the Italians emerged as such. For this reason, visiting 1xBet to wager on this side can definitely be an excellent idea. They have claimed titles like the World Championship, World Cup and the Summer Olympics. For this reason, while they don’t lead the FIVB rankings for now, they are still among the most winning women’s national volleyball sides.

The queens of the sport

The women’s national volleyball team from the United States is the most winning squad in the history of the discipline. Another great sport with highly talented athletes is kabaddi, and 1xbet.in/live/kabaddi is the best website to place live wagers on it.

The Americans have won basically any title that exists. For example, they won the FIVB World Championship in 2014, which was their best result in that competition. Also, they obtained a fantastic Gold Medal in the 2020 Summer Olympics celebrated in Tokyo.

There are other competitions where they have won more titles than all their competitors combined. Examples of them are the FIVB World Grand Prix, the FIVB Nations League, and the Pan-American Cup. For this reason, whenever the United States women’s volleyball national team jumps into the court, it is definitely a good idea to visit 1xBet and wager on it.

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