Blogging: 5 Killer Ways To Monetize Your Blog

You’re a blogger, probably a newbie. You just blog now, and instead of gaining, you’re even investing your own money … it’s always that way at the first stage. Now you are not getting
much traffic yet, but you still need to monetize that little traffic. You ask yourself, “How will I get money from a new blog?” and you’re just confused like the stars. You should know that once you create good content, the next is monetizing of the blog, so that you wouldn’t lose the small revenue that would have been generated at that early stage.

Now that you have gotten your GREAT contents, I mean really GREAT once! You should think about placing ads on the blog. You need to generate money so that you can pay off that bill, buy that your need and renew your domain for the next year. I’ll tell you some different ways of making money from your blog, and you choose the one that suites you more, you can even combine two, three or more, depending on your blog contents. It’s all left to you.

#1: Sponsored Posts/Contents

This is the publishing of someone’s post on your blog. It is a major way of monetizing your blog especially for big blogs. To be picked up for sponsored contents, you need to be really very good and an authority in your niche. You need to have an Alexa ranking that would be attractive, and also show some evidences of your traffic to your clients.
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At times you’d be the one to approach the clients, and at such stages, you try to be as convincing as possible. Show them reasons why they need to sponsor posts on your blog and what they would gain. Keep an evidence of your traffic i.e. screenshot of your Google Analytics for maybe three months back.  Do not be discouraged because many companies might not even reply to your e-mails, and some would reply but never pay you. Most at times you need to keep an advertise-here page, where you would write some details about placing ads on your site.

I advise not keeping your prices there, so that you can have a chance to negotiate with the customers. You also need to place your prices fair enough, to avoid cheating both yourself and your clients. You will place in the advertise-here page the ad formats you allow, like 300×250, 250×250 and so on. Tell them if you have any other bonuses and be as competitive as possible. Have a constant price drafted in your email already so that you wouldn’t be unstable. Write your reviews with by yourself so that you wouldn’t divert from your major niche, and make sure you don’t advertise money making methods in a food blog. You can see websites that would help you get sponsored posts by clicking here.

#2: Affiliate Marketing

I really love this very well. It involves convincing people to perform an action, through a link, which will be customized for you, to tell the sponsor that it is yours. The action could be to purchase an item or register to something.
For example, PayZa would pay you $10 for anyone who signs up to PayZa with your referral and does a transaction of $150. Now what you would do as a blogger is to write a post, for example, “10 Reasons You MUST Use PayZa” or “The Best PayPal Alternative for Nigerians”. Now you give the people enough reasons and at the end, give them your PayZa referral URL and they will click through it to register.
Now, why I love this is that you can use it to monetize a blog, no matter the traffic. That your 50 post views if well written could turn to 30 clicks on your referral and you’re credited for successfully doing that.
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You can also sign up for some companies affiliate, like Amazon, Jumia, Konga or some other online market places to promote their businesses. You promote anything you feel like they would love to purchase and when they do that, you get a commission. Some sites like Jumia might even pay you up to 30% for sells.

If you’re scared that your audience might not like to do that, then you can do some promotion for websites that pay you when someone signs up through your affiliate. You can even promote a domain company, and when someone purchases the domain, you’re credited. It’s all up to you.

Please Note: Only recommend products that you have used and you are certain that it is real don’t be too money conscious, protect the interest of your blog visitors because you are there to serve them and also be sure to include a disclaimer.

#3 Cost Per Click

This is the most popular method of monetizing your blog. It is where ad networks like AdSense, Infolinks, Chitika, Adnow, Adhits and so many others fall in. If you are a Nigerian and the adnetworks mentioned above refused to approve your site, I recommend Alternative Advert. In this case, you are not negotiating with your customers one-on-one; instead the ad network will do that. You’re to place a banner on your site, and are paid when someone clicks on them and spends some time on the other site. All you have to do is to submit your sites, and once it is approved, you will start making your money.
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But note: You need to have an audience before applying for ads in order to get approved.
Something ad networks like AdSense will make sure all your posts are original; Chitika will place free ads on your blog if they don’t approve you and so on. You might even be banned anytime for breaking their criteria, and believe me, that is very discouraging. With the present outbreak of ad blocks, you are not even sure your ads are being viewed. Nevertheless, it’s also nice to use. You will be sleeping and your money will be increasing, once you reach the payout thresholds, you are credited. Even if one doesn’t approve you, you can move on with the rest.

#4: Cost Per Impression

This is another great monetization technique. You’re paid for each 1,000 views on your ads, how nice. You don’t have to beg people to click on your ads, rather you just share your posts, and once you get 1, 000 impressions, and the money is credited to you and so on. My major issue with this is that they always have annoying ads and redirections. 
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Something like Revenue Hits will place some uninteresting redirections and it’s a major con. Some don’t even bother about your contents, they just place their ads and that’s all. Also, ad blocks are now against this, and so you are not sure your traffic is fully monetized.

#5: Selling Your Stuff Online

Do you know that your blog is like your market place, and so you can sell your services very well there? You can provide people with contents and at the end offer them services, especially the web based once. They can hire you from there to do seo services, website creation and so on. No ad blocks are in this and you have no competition even. It’s all you to you. Even if you use other methods, this “HIRE ME” page is something you can’t do without.

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