Blogging: 2+ Amazing Ways To Get Sponsored Posts

Blogging: 2+ Amazing Ways To Get Sponsored Posts

Sincerely, every blogger wants to make money from his or her blogs. Whether it is making a full living or just some pocket allowance, we all deserve those special goodies for providing those expensive information to the masses on a platter of gold. 

But how would these come? Most newbie bloggers don't even know how to start off their first earnings from their blogs. You might have even struggled so much that you felt that blogging will actually not pay off, and may attempt to quit. 
When it seems so hard, then you're actually very close to your dreams. You're really less than a mile close to becoming a successful blogger.  Check out all the successful bloggers, Harsh Agrawal, Linda Ikeji, Jide and all the rest of them, they actually did real struggling.

I want to show you two very interesting ways through which you can monetize your blog even if you're not making so much money yet. 
They are all free to join.

#1: BlogExpose:

Blogging: 2+ Amazing Ways To Get Sponsored Posts

This is an amazing way of monetizing your blog. It links you to advertisers and you get sponsored posts on your blog without having to meet them one-on-one. 
I love it because they have many opportunities there for you to choose from. 
You can join BlogExpose.com here.

#2: BlogDash:

Blogging: 2+ Amazing Ways To Get Sponsored Posts

One of the oldest in the trade, it is also a very nice one for getting offers. You can also get sponsored reviews and make extra money by sharing the posts on your Facebook and Twitter pages. You can cash out your earnings via PayPal, Wire Transfer and Check.


#3 Izea:

Another great site for getting sponsored posts opportunities is Izea. You can sign up HERE. They'd connect you to big brands and you just monetize your blog tirelessly. 

I recommend you join the three of them for the maximum benefits. Also, check out how you can buy high-quality Agricultural Surfactants from Brewer International.
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