Fashion: Do You Know Your Designers?

We all wear clothes, wear shoes and some other little accessories that go with them, but most of the times we are not aware of the designer company from which that particular
favorite yellow shoe or the blue sneakers came from. It's time to clear that confusion now.

There is always one distinct similarity in every clothing or accessory product, the name, signature or the logo of the designer and below we'll be checking out a few designing logos and designers. And here is a countdown of the top designer brands worldwide.


When talking fashion designers, Versace is always a name to come across.
Versace is an Italian designing company founded by Gianni Versace in 1972. There clothing line is the most distinct of all their products having gained worldwide success since 2014. Their insignia which is popularly known as the 'head of medusa' can be seen on all their products, clothes shoes, bags and other assecories. There original products always have its good, satisfactory taste which makes any user aware of the quality embedded in it.


 Louis Vuitton is another fashion designer to be reckoned with in the world of fashion designing, from bags to shoes to clothes. They have made name in their women clothing's line with many famous works to their name Founded in 1845 by company owner Louis Vuitton.


Also an Italian designing company, succeeding mainly in men's wears and their leather works. Want a belt or shoe that stands out? Pick an original Armani. It never dissapoints.


Dior has always, right from their genesis excelled in women wears and under wears. Also boasting of top sales in their recently opened make up wing Dior really has it when it comes to fashion. This french fashion company was founded by Christine Dior in 1946.


Also an Italian fashion giant. They also hold sway in their female clothing lines, hitting top sales of hand bags and designer shirts in 2016. Founded by Italian Guccio Gucci in 1921. There leather works are also recognized worldwide,.


This popular brand has been established as the number one sports designing company in the world, holding the position for nearly ten years now since 2007 after taking over from Nike. 
Founded by German Adi Dassler, and incorporated under Reebok companies.


 America's very own number one accessory production line. From eye glasses to necklaces, there products boast of pure quality. And also not leaving out there popular men's wear line. Founded in 1961 by American Calvin Klein.


 One of the leading worldwide fashion designers, they have really made name leading in both clothing and accessories. Their products can be found in all fashion outlets worldwide and if an original product of theirs is a masterpiece wherever it is encountered. Founded in 1985 by Italians Domenico Dolce and Steffano Gabbana. Italy sure has talents when it comes to fashion designing.


 This is another women fashion wear giant, topping fashion sales chart in 2013, french designer company have really made a name for their selves with the popular House OF Chanel. Founded in early 1940's by Coco Chanel.


An upcoming fashion designing company, they already have major branches all over the world. Excelling mainly in watches and male wears. An Italian fashion company founded in the late 1970's by Adriano Goldscmeird. 


Next on the list comes Burberry, the first British owned fashion line in the countdown, they are based mainly on thick clothing like coats, towels, designer mufflers and custom scarves. They are well known for their distinct 'check' pattern on their products. It was founded in 1852 by an Englishman Thomas Burberry.


Prada is another Italian fashion designing company on the list, this brand focuses more on travel handbags and footwear, ready to wear accessories like perfumes, female under wears and a host of other fashion items. It was founded in 1913, by Italian Mario Prada.


Number one British fashion company Alexander McQueen, have been known to be a high taste, high quality fashion designing company. They have a lot of celebrity notches in their bow being the official fashion brand of most top celebrities. After having separated from Givenchy in 2001, Alexander McQueen was founded in 2002 by Alexander Lee


Another French fashion designing company, Yves Saint Laurent has been a steady competitor among top fashion brands worldwide. It's female wears also boast of unparalleled quality in and beyond the french shores. It was founded by Yves Henri Donat Saint-Laurent in the late 1960's.


Givenchy is a French fashion designing company also popular with their perfumes and cloth lines. Having pioneered many other Fashion outfits like the famous Alexander McQueen and the Haute Coutre clothing line, they have a cut a major corner in the world of fashion. It was founded in Paris, France in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy


Known for their quality hand made leather worked shoes and hand bags, it is a Malaysian owned fashion company founded by Datuk Jimmy Yeang Choo in the early 2000's. This young company already has potentials of rubbing shoulders with it's main counterparts Versace in the next five years.

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There are numerous other designers not mentioned here, both indigenous designers and beyond Africa. But the fact is that quality really pays, if you know a designer has that particular brand of taste you need, go for it! As long it is durable and fits you to the cut.

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