Gadgets: Nokia Makes Big Comeback With New Android Series

Nokia Makes Big Comeback With New Android Series
With the influx of the likes of apple's iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7s, the Samsung s8 and the Samsung s8 plus. Nokia phones have been missing in the super smartphone action.
With their partnership deal with Microsoft  in February 11th  and the unveiling of the Lumia series, they had a big backdrop from being the first leading mobile phone company to the second, loosing out to Apple iPhone series.

Then on September 15th 2013, Nokia companies announced the close of their deal with Microsoft and the acquisition of Nokia companies by Microsoft. This was due to their unfortunate drop in shares which was blamed on the unsuccessful Lumia and Asha series which didn't rake in much sale.

Nokia has decided to stage a major comeback after nearly three years of holding the third position of the first five mobile phone companies with Apple and Samsung topping the leader boards.
And they plan on achieving this feat with the release of the Nokia android series.


This "bad boy" tops the list because it's the latest release from the Nokia stables. Unveiled just last month, the Nokia8 has some pretty distinct features which distinguish it from the ordinary smartphone.

  • Firstly its 4GB RAM space makes it rub shoulders with the top iPhone 7's and the Samsung s8's. This feature gives it a higher task processing power, and gives no room for application freezing or lagging. Am talking improved game play, running up to 20 high space applications at the same time. Cool huh?
  • It's 2.45GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor speed also gives it an edge over other Androids, this high capacity processor makes application processing faster and better. And it also improves connection speed.
  • Running the latest ANDROID 7.1.1 NOUGAT gives the user an ultimate android experience and the latest android packages from the Google store.
  • It's 13megapixels front and rear camera also gives the user a beautiful graphic scenery display. With an advanced lens and shutter speed, pictures just got a beautiful new dimension!
  • The Nokia8 also packs a 3090mAh non-removable battery pack which the latest direct super charge feature. The days of low batteries are fast fading away.
  • Not to forget its 64gb and 128gb internal memory storage expandable to 256gb. Who needs a memory card? This provides the user with ample space for saving videos, music files and a whole lot if other things.
  • It also comes with a 5.7inch HD, gorilla glass screen. The perfect combination for an improved smartphone experience.
  • Then its 4G/LTE double sim network capability, enables an up to date internet speed usage. Better browsing experience.
  • And then finally, it's advanced sensor systems ( gyroscopes, compass systems, bluetooth, etc) all combine to make this device a real super-phone.


The Nokia6 comes after its better counterpart the Nokia6 because it was unveiled earlier, on January this year. 
Its specifications include:

  • A 32gb internal memory space expandable to 128gb giving it sufficient space for usage.\
  • A 5.5inch hd screen improving viewing experience.
  • 1.4Hz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.
  • A 16megapixels rear camera and an 8megapixels front camera for improved camera experience.
  • An ANDROID 7.0 version for improved android experiences
  • A 3000mAh removable battery for improved phone usage, also comes with the super charge function.
  • Also comes with an improved 4G/LTE sim experience for improved browsing.

The NOKIA android series also includes some other smartphones like the NOKIA5 and the NOKIA3 which were all unveiled much earlier. These phones have already gotten good reception with the NOKIA6 topping sales in the India smartphone market. If they can keep up this pace, there is  good speculation that they may get back to the chart tops by 2018.
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