Internet: Download The WWAYReact App And Share Movie Reviews

Introducing the newest app in the market. It's an app with which you can just like a social network, share your views on movies you have watched with others who have equally done so.
WWAYREACT has a timeline where you have to login just like you can do on Facebook and then you post photos or short videos from movies or sports that you've seen recently with the lessons you learned from them and then you put a tag #whatwasyourreaction­? 

This is what makes the App unique. You can also share photos or videos of moments from events that happen around you every day and share them with a post of what you think about it and the put the tag #whatwasyourreaction­? so that other people will comment on what they think or learned from your post.

You can download the app here.

The app isn't available for downloads for now, kindly check back later.

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