Nigeria: Making The Best Of The ASUU Strike

From each sign, it would appear that this ASUU strike will be a long one. We never can tell when it will be canceled in light of the fact that the requests are enormous this time around. 

In the event that you are an understudy influenced by the ASUU strike, don't simply take a seat at home. Make great utilization of the open doors it gives you. 

Here are a couple of attempts that you might need to consider as opposed to remaining home and protesting all through the time of the ASUU strike. 

VOLUNTEER: Go out, looking for associations that you can volunteer with. It doesn't really need to be paid. Concentrate on involvement! 
Image Credit: UWC Red Cross Nordic

TAKE IN A TRADE/SKILL: There are different exchanges extending from Fashion Designing - Baking - Make-Up - Painting - Carpentry. Pick 1 and learn!
Image Credit: Groupon

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EMPOWER YOURSELF: You likewise can do any of the accompanying; Language Learning, Programming/Coding/Design/AutoCAD, Internship, Undergraduate Programs. 
Image Credit: TAAL FET 

READ: You may choose to visit libraries or join book clubs where you can access books. Make a calendar and read distinctive subjects! 
Image Credit: Imperial College London

Whatever you do, ensure you DON'T remain at home sit out of gear. Connect with yourself in exercises that will be gainful to you. Share this post and let's reach out to every Nigerian student out there, we are the best.
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