How To Create An Online Payoneer Account & Get $25

As I know, there are ways of withdrawing your funds from your Payoneer account. With the first one, you can withdraw your funds with your Payoneer MasterCard and with the second you cash out directly into your bank account. 
If you are using a Payoneer MasterCard, it comes with some annual maintenance dues which are also an extra cost and I don't really like that. I have about four atm cards with different banks and if you include this one, I have five that I maintain annually and it's really some expenses.
That's why I decided to tell you about this other type Payoneer account, which I presume is better even though Payoneer will never tell you that.
I'll tell you how to create it in steps below and also guide you on how you can do about that.

Now let's go.

#1: Go to Payoneer.com

#2: Fill In The Required Data 

#3: Go to the next page and fill in your contact details.

#4: Fill in your security details.

#5: Complete your registration.

Go to www.theswiftcodes.com to get your swift code or visit www.theswiftcodes.com/yourcountry to go directly to your countries' page. 
Accept their terms and conditions and click submit
If you fill in your complete data, together with the given links, within six hours your Payoneer account will be ready and you'll be notified via email. If you encounter any issues, comment below or better still, contact their support

In addition, you can earn a $25 bonus for referring people to Payoneer, so sign-up now. Once your account is approved, you'll become eligible to participate in the bonus. 
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