Payoneer Still The Best PayPal Alternative

Whether PayPal or no PayPal, we will still make money online. Payoneer is out to help people succeed in their internet career.
Sometime in 2016, when I first started to make money online, cashing out was my greatest issue.

I lost so many clients, because they most times couldn't pay me into my Nigerian bank account, and if I'm not mistaken, never. I wasn't worth giving them the headache of having to do bank wire transfer or Moneygram. You know things like that?
It was when I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed someday and I saw a post about Payoneer. With them, you can do almost everything you can do with PayPal, and even more.

Advantages Of Using A Payoneer Card

- Free MasterCard: They'd give you a free MasterCard which you can use to withdraw your money in your local currency from almost every atm card around and shop on POS.
- Easy payment gateway: You can now cashout your AdSense, MGID, Amazon and so many other earnings via Payoneer.
- Easy to transfer to local account: You can easily transfer your earnings to your local account once you have up to $200. They process it about 72 days.
- Accepts all countries: Unlike PayPal, you can join no matter your country. No need for fake address, change of IP and any fake identities at all. Just do your stuff.
- $25 sign up bonus: If you sign-up with this link, they will reward you with $25 once you make transactions worth $1000. That is as easy as ABC!

What's more? Learn over 25 ways to make a living online as a beginner now! It is 100% free.
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