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Wow! Payoneer Is Paying $25 Just To Join Them

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How amazing does it sound to you to hear that you get an awoof $25! just to sign up for a Payoneer account? It was previously a referral bonus but as of recent, they made it that
once you join with the promo referral, and make a transaction of $100, the $25 is instantly credited to you. Using the link below, you would not even need a MasterCard, everything is made easy and straight to your bank account.

You can see my own $25 in the screenshot below: 

I saw the post on ShoutMeLoud and grabbed the offer immediately. I had missed the Jumia promo which gave many people up to N100,000 and I really regretted it. 

Now do you know how to get it even if you don't have up to $100 to spend online? That's the secret I want to share with you, how I did mine with my friend and the both of us got the amazing $25 each.
Just make sure to use the promo links.


Remember: Payoneer didn't say you must spend, they only said you must make a transaction...Lol! Now fund your Payoneer account from your bank account, you can even borrow [don't worry, you'll return it in less than two days]. Transfer the $100 you funded from your account to that your friends Payoneer. Instantly, the both of you are credited with the $25 each. 

If you don't  have up to the $100, then you do this. Credit your account with the amount you have, and transfer it to your friend. Let's say $25. Now let him return it and you both have performed a transaction of $50 each. Now repeat the actions a second time, in the case of $25 and you get your bonus immediately.

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Let him return your $100 or whatever you  used, and you're good to go. Return the money to the source or to your bank account and enjoy! So easy.

Now Click Here to join Payoneer with the promo link and enjoy your own money. You need to do it quickly so you'd not regret not enjoying it when you still have the chance.

If you don't know how to create it, or encounter any confusions, then read this.


  1. Thanks bro, I just got mine.

  2. you are welcome, kindly share the post to reach your friends.


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