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Health: Maintaining That Natural Hair

Many at time I hear girls talking about maintaining their natural hair, and even the guys too. By the guys I don’t mean
these ones that put on dreadlocks or denature their hair to look rough and rugged but I mean real gentlemen who don’t like barbing, but still look “sweet” in the “bushy hair”.  Don’t misunderstand the word bushy because it basically stands for any hair that isn’t barbed low, as we were taught in school. Now bushy should literary mean hair that had been left un-kept and uncombed for months and at the end we give it a baptism name, dreadlocks.

It’s going viral among the teens and should I say, it is less expensive, maybe that’s why they are rushing it…lol! So let’s talk about maintaining the reasonable hair, and in that I’ll tell you some items which you should never lack if you actually want to groom a neat hair.

To begin with, there are actually tons of ingredients aimed at maintaining the hair, and so I suggest we stick to the natural ones. Natural items don’t harm, and they weren’t made of chemicals so you have no reason to be scared of being attacked by any side effects. I also recommend that before you purchase any item, take your time to review the ingredients because it’s really heart braking to buy a sporting waves hair conditioner and at the end get no sporting waves, or purchase a hair booster and it makes no difference to your hair growth rate. However, this is personal, as someone’s review might vary from yours.

Now let’s discuss some natural supplements you’d need on your hair to make it stay the way you want it, while costing you the smallest it can:

1] Water: Who cannot afford water? Who doesn’t know the importance of water to our health? Well, it’s good you hear 
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that water is also necessary for maintaining a nice hair. It is a very good moisturizer. It finds it very hard to travel through kinky hair and that explains why our hair is drier than the straight ones.

2] Glycerin: It is a very nice companion to water. It will leave the ladies hair so soft and smooth that they wouldn’t even want to take their hands off it. It also does a great job 
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drawing moisture from the air into your hair there by aiding it to remain moist and avoiding breakage. You should make it a daily routine to fill up a tube or with like half Vegetable Liquid Glycerin and equivalent quantity of water, then gently apply it to your hair.

3] Butter: Whether you are talking about the African Shea Butter Cream or the Cocoa butter, they always aid in creating
Image Credit: Maltra Foods

 a soft and supple hair. If you have a dry scalp or some kinky hair, you should never lack this. They also help give the hair a nice scent.

4] Oil: Olive oil might be a great choice, but you should use whatever you have. You should always apply oil to the deep ends of your hair immediately after moisturizing them. They

 will go a long way in sealing the ends to trap the glycerin and watyer thereby keeping your hair moist. A great example is the hot/cold Columela Extra Virgin Olive Oil but you have to be very careful when heating it up.

5] The Common African Black Soap: Coily/curly hair types are always drier than the straight type. You have to make 
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your choices of soap to suit your hair type. The African block soap is delicate and soft, and a great choice for that. An example is the Zee soap.

6] Air: At time you leave your hair open to dry in the air. Get rid of that hair drier and maintain a more healthy and natural hair. It’s true that air drying is longer, but at the same time 
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healthier. If you persist on hair drying, then you should use it on a cool setting & be sure to apply heat protectant it.
There are many other ways, and depending on your hair’s nature, these are styles you can put on:
-          Afro
-          Afro puffs
-          Twists
-          Plaits
-          Cornrows
-          Twistouts
-          Dreadlocks [sisterlocks]

-  You can also go artificial. The list seems unending, but the message has been passed, always stair natural! Kindly share to your friends if this message helped you.

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