How To Make Money From Entertaining Videos

How To Make Money From Entertaining Videos
One idea to make money online is to have a website that hosts funny and entertaining videos.

A lot of people are already doing this and making a pretty nice living. It's not that hard, and you can do it to. Here is a quick tutorial to get you making money with funny and entertaining videos.

- Get a website:
First you must think up a name for your site. Have some fun with this, choose a name that people will remember, something with a good hook. A name that is uncommon and catchy will stick in peoples head. This is a good way to get lots of traffic and keep them coming back.

- Get some videos:
There are many sites that will allow you to link to there funny and entertaining videos. Other sites will give you access to a large library of popular entertaining videos. A lot of these site with share between each other, this is very common. Getting funny and entertaining videos should be a pretty easy step in the process.

- Earning some cash:
When you start getting loads of traffic to your site with all of your funny and entertaining videos, this is when you can start making some serious cash. Your main income streams will be from paid advertising, banner advertising, affiliate products, and maybe even your own unique product or service.
Go get set up with Google AdSense and Yahoo for pay per click advertising. Then go find products and services that relate to the videos that will be on your site. There are many companies out there that will immediately set you up to start making money from promoting their products. The more traffic you site gets, the more companies you will be able to contact for more advertising options like banner advertising, which can make you a lot of money. As long as you continue to drive traffic to your site, you will be getting a steady stream of cash in your pocket.

- Building your site:
There are many They will take the headache of "coding" away, and have you setting up your site quickly and fairly easily. A good "make video website" book or manual will show you exactly what needs to be done and provide inside access to sources which can make things thousands of times easier.
There are many ways to build a website without having to hire someone. Although, the bigger your site gets, the more elaborate it will have to be. Unless you know how to build websites, you will eventually have to hire someone to maintain and update your site. There are also many resources online and in bookstores that will be a tremendous help with getting your new internet video site up and running.

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