Social Media: Make Money With Your Facebook Account

I remember when I joined Facebook, I was just there to entertain myself. Mark Zuckerberg was making his billions, while I was making my friends.
Then I reached 3,000 friends and 4,000 followers and was so happy. My posts were getting up to 500 likes and you know what? I was a mini celebrity.

It was later that I started imagining if someone could actually make money with his Facebook account. I started googling things like "Make Money With Facebook Account, Make Money With Facebook Page, etc". It was taking me round and round the web until I discovered that there was actually no magic about it. 

What do I mean? I mean that it wasn't actually something you could jump into like that. You needed to get an audience first, and they would be such loyal fans that would always await what you would say every time. Now, you can share your products with them. But then, we Africans rarely have money to spare not to talk of buying products online, so to monetize your Facebook account, you really needed a ton of American and Canadian friends, and even though you add them, most will be fake accounts who might even be your fellow Africans. If you successfully join American Facebook groups, you'll eventually get stranded because only few Americans and Canadians would actually buy a product recommended by an African. 

So How Can I Make Money With My Facebook Account?

The secret is traffic. Now that's when I'll tell you how I do. My secret is Blasting News. This is an online multi-niche blog that accepts guest writers. You can make up to $200 an article from them since you were paid per number of views you generate and also per number of articles. 

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Don't be scared about getting views because your post would also show on their home page and give you organic views. I only advise you create at least five posts immediately you sign up because you'll get an extra $5 for each of your first five posts on your first month of signing up as a welcome bonus. This will expire soon. 

Why not join the millions of people world wide who are making a living off blasting news? It is the 138 most visited site in the world and so you see how popular it is? Join Here now. It is free. You only need your Facebook account with a minimum of 100 friends to join. It's not about how any minutes you spend online but about your effects on people's lives. Mark is a billionaire, and you too can. Stop wasting your precious time chatting and scrolling through the news feed that can never finish, a second can make you richer. I'll update you on other ways through which you can make money online soon.

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