Marketing: 20 Online Shops You Can Make A Choice From

We are in a developing stage and you don't need to be looking back. Nowadays, you can buy anything from a car to a pack of chips from the comfort of your bedroom and get them delivered in due time.
Most people don't bother going to boutiques anymore since you can just order clothes from outside your country, specifying your requirements and you get them delivered to your doorpost.

Now the issue is, where do I buy from? That's why you're reading this. I'll expose to you the some twenty online shops you can make a choice from, and you choose your favorite. You might have been using them, or this might be the first time you'll be hearing about them. Either ways, they still deserve a try.

#1 Jumia:
Due to their viral advertising, they make above 300,000 sales a day. They are probably one of the leading choices. They have over a million followers on Facebook and something close to 50,000 on Twitter.

#2 Konga:
Being the 8 most visitted website in Nigeria, it knocks out Linda Ikeji's blog and other popular sites like Vanguard in terms of traffic.
These visitors are not probably coming to read news, so they are actually buyers. This is a great site you can try out.

#3 Slot:
Being the best offline retailer of gadgets, you can also buy from them online. Check out the site for latest innovations in gadgets. Delivery is free for Abuja and Lagos customers.

#4 Olx:
Due to their huge investment into advertising especially on DSTV, they are now very popular. Most people prefer it to Jumia because of it's user friendly nature. They also have offline shops across the country.

#5 Taafoo:
Also know as Coliseum, they offer a minimum purchase of N5,000. They also have an offline fashion retail shop in Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.

#6: Dealdey:
Launched in March 2011, they also sale edibles. It's a great choice for Nigerians.

#7 Kaymu:
With a broad range of products for sale, you can also sign up there to sell your own products.

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#8 ParktelOnline:
With an average of 11,000 daily visitors to their site, they have been managing an offline shop for some years now. Their online shop was just launched two years ago.

#9 Jiji:
Fast growing online shop, you can also sell your products here and use their optional boost option to get you more sells.

#10 Yudala:
They claim to be the biggest online and offline device retail platform, it is actually the newest in this list. They have offline shops in places like Lagos and Owerri.

#11 Supermart:
As the name goes, it's truly a supermart. It has succeeded in convincing Nigerians that you can actually purchase fish and crayfish online.

#12 Kara:
With their affordable choices of items, they also prove to be a great choice. They recently organised their website's template to a more matured and friendly user one.

#13 Gidimall:
Launched in 2012, they sell items ranging from fashion, electronics even to gadgets. Some people say that their site needs an upgrade to be more user friendly.

#14 Gloo:
They offer household items ranging from canned items, foodstuff, etc. They also deliver the same day.

#15 Fouani:
Being one of the major distributors of LG products in Nigeria, they do not have issues delivering products across the country. They also show Google Ads on their site to aid generate some more revenue from it.

#16 Regalbuy:
With their nationwide delivery of Techno, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry and so many items, you can depend on them for your choices in gadgets.

#17 Mystore:
As the name sounds, it is truly My Store. Some of the write ups on the site are not in English and so they're passing through an upgrade. Nevertheless, they still worth your trial.

#18 Oja:
With free delivery in Ibadan and Lagos, most people say that their site is a nice choice. They also have great fashion offers that leave their customers asking for more.

#19 Adibba:
A great choice for kitchen utensils, payment is made on delivery via POS.

20 Buyam:
The last in our list but not the least, they do their business on Facebook. They act as an intermediary between sellers and buyers hereby making things easy for people. 
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