Check Out Amazing Photos Of The 11 Most Beautiful Cities In Africa

The 11 Most Beautiful Cities In Africa
Some people might see Africa to be a poor continent, likely the poorest, but still there is wealth in it. Nigeria is the largest
producer of oil in Africa and probably the the fifth largest oil producer in the world. For the past decades, it had been Nigeria, Morocco, Equatorial Guinea and Angola who had been witnesses to a progressive advancement in development. 
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Being the last continent to be civilized, yet still that is no barrier, it is the second largest continent on earth and makes up to 16 percent of the world's population by humans, thanks to their low family planning ration. The east of Africa is also widely known to be a place of the origination of humans viz Apes, and I most really say, Africa is blessed. 

Now I want to show you the eleven most beautiful places in Africa, when you judge with the 2017 list and you judge for yourself. 

1] Nairobi, Kenya
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Being the most populous city, it is also one of the leading African cities financially and politically. It is the largest city in Kenya and also the capital. 

2] Luanda, Angola
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Being the capital of Africa's largest oil producer, Luanda is blessed with sea posts and also Angola's major administrative center. Thanks to China, it was a witness to the contemporary developments and that helped it top the first ten most beautiful cities. 

3] Agadir, Morocco:
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Being one of the most developed cities in Morocco and also the capital city of the Agadir-Ida Ou Tanane province, Agadir was built again after the earthquake that struck it in 1960 and is considered to be the largest seaside resort in Morocco which attracting tourists annually from everywhere all around the planet. It is a major center of attraction. 

4] Lagos, Nigeria
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It was formerly the capital city of Nigeria, then on December 12, 1991, Abuja was made the nation's capital. You cannot miss calling this major city in the oil rich Nigeria. 

5] Johannesburg, South Africa
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Many people take Johannesburg to be the major economic power house of Africa, nevertheless it  is the wealthiest and also the largest city in the whole of South Africa.

6] Port Louis, Mauritius
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This is one of the main financial centers in Africa. Being the capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis is over shadowed by the  manufacturing and tourism sector. It is also beautified by it's major port facilities.

7] Cape Town, South Africa
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After Johannesburg, Cape Town is another major city in South Africa. It is probably the most visited and internationally cherished tourist center in South Africa.

8] Algiers, Algeria:
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Being a well cherished financial and economic center, It is Algiers' largest city. Modern day Algiers is located along the sea. 

9] Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire
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It is among the first-third largest Francophone [french-speaking] cities in the world and it's a major economic center of Cote D'Ivoire (formerly Ivory Coast). 

10] Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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Any tourist that is ever opportune to be hosted in this area in Tanzania would wish never to go home. It was the capital city, capital, presently the richest and also the largest city in Tanzania. It is a main for government and business of Tanzania. 

11] Abuja, Nigeria
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Being the present capital of Nigeria, Abuja was built and developed around 1980s. and capital of the country in the year 1991 and it's one of the fastest growing cities in the world.It is also probably among the most expensive cities in Africa.
You have seen the eleven most beautiful cities in Africa, now which cities did we omit? Which cities would you love to visit someday? Drop them as a comment in the box below so that the other readers can view them too.
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