All You Need To Know About Premises Liabilities Scenarios

All You Need To Know About Premises Liabilities Scenarios
Many of us have at one time or the other sustained injuries in places not our homes such as public gatherings, events and so on. 
These leave us wondering if the property owner is actually liable for the injuries sustained in the process.
The answer to this is not always clear but we have outlined some studies below that will aid you know more about your legal rights as regarded to premises liabilities.

Hotels and Other Public Places

If you happen to sustain an injury in a hotel, they might be held responsible for the injuries you sustain depending. An exception in this case in in the case of a crime, the hotel may not be held responsible. The only occasion where you can hold them responsible is if they had seen the crime coming, could have prevented it but didn’t.
However, they can be held responsible for falls in certain places as ice parking lots and sidewalks. Also, injuries resulting from falls due to spills of food, drink, etc, the hotel will be held responsible since they might have seen them but didn’t prevent them. 
Remember, they must have seen it but didn’t prevent it to be held responsible. This also applies to other public places.

City Sidewalks

Depending on where you stay, you may or may not be able to sue the authorities there. It’s the duty of the municipalities to ensure the safety of the streets and sidewalks, however the province or state may be too complex to look into the local streets and sidewalks and it’s harder to sue them. Some places also have immunities as regards to this issue. 
If the injuries were sustained near a construction site, the construction company or persons involved will be held responsible if they were in a position to avoid but didn’t avoid the mishap.

Neighbours and Friends Homes

If your host failed to warn you of the possible mishaps, or were in a position to avoid them but didn’t, then they can be held responsible for that. Depending on the issue, you can recover damages from your friends or families.

Should You Opt In For A Law Suit?

It may vary on the situations involving the incidents. If you are in any way involved in the incident, the fine may be reduced. For instance, if you were in a position to avoid the mishap but didn’t, then the host or person involved shouldn’t be held completely responsible for the incident. 
In any case, you should consult a qualified lawyer and they would tell you the next thing to do. It’s usually more important to consult them first since consultations are typically free.
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