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Relationship: The Secrets Of Marrying The Lady You Love

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In the event that you are dating a woman and you need to wed her without losing her to another man, then take follow these thoughts: 

Try not to be lousy. 

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Women don't care for men who talk excessively. 

Regard her parents. Women don't joke with their parents. 

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Try not to be parsimonious or stingy

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Women detest stingy men. 

You ought to be very neat 

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don't be a dirty person. Dress charming. 

Package yourself well 

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Be an organised and efficient person 

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Be confident, fearless and courageous. 

Give her a great of consideration

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Give her a great deal of consideration or else she will go to another person that gives her consideration

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Continuously value her dressing if it is not too bad. In the event that it is not decent, adjust her with love. On the off chance that you don't care for the way she dresses, at that point you should get her the kind of fabrics you need her to be wearing; don't simply denounce her materials. 

Reveal to her regular that you cherish her

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Continuously remind her with the goal that her brain will be on you generally and call her sweet names regular. 

NB: Money is not by any means the only method for getting a decent young lady; infact great young ladies needn't bother with your cash. They simply need you to make them cheerful. It is just terrible and stupid young ladies that date folks on account of cash. Dependable young ladies needn't bother with your cash; they require you to make them cheerful.

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