Tech: How To Choose A Good Laptop

How To Choose A Good Laptop
A Laptop, is known as a small, portable personal computer with an alphanumerical keyboard, a slim LCD or sometimes LED computer screen for display as the lid, which is usually opened or flipped up to use the device.
They are mostly very portable thus giving them an advanced edge over the normal full desktop computer set. It is distinguished from a normal desktop due to some features or components which have been reduced or completely removed, which also contributes to it's reduced size and functionality. 

They can be used the same way a normal computer system is used be it a normal traditional style laptop, sub-notebook laptop, a hybrid( convertible) laptop or any other of the numerous laptop style formats.

Picking a good, durable, top performing laptop can be a very tricky event if you are unprepared or not adequately informed on the type of laptop you need. There are two main considerations when picking a laptop, What will the laptop be used for? and In what conditions or environments it will be used in?

Below are some of the components or features that should be checked before going for a laptop.

Battery Power

How To Choose A Good Laptop
This is a major feature to check when picking which ever laptop device because a laptop's portability depends on its partial independence on electrical power supply. If the device is to be used for normal school or office works or in a place with constant or dependable power supply, then a low or medium battery life laptop can be taken.

How To Choose A Good Laptop
But if in rugged conditions like expeditions, long distance travels and situations like that, then a high battery life laptop of up to 17 hours, an 8-celled battery or 8500mAh battery capacity is advisable. Though it's good to remember that the higher the battery power, the heavier the laptop. And in this category, a Lenovo series is a good choice.

Model Types

When picking a laptop, it is always advisable to know the particular model of the laptop device you would be needing. There are different categories of laptop models such as the HP(halwett-Packard), Acer, Apple Mac Books, Zinox, Samsung, Sony and so many more.
How To Choose A Good Laptop
There are also model formats like the slim noteboooks, touch screens or convertible hybrids. These models are all good in their special formats but the hybrids are usually on the high side since they offer more convenient functions with their touch of style.

The Operating System

How To Choose A Good Laptop
Laptops usually come with many varieties of operating systems, the Windows, the Mac OS, the Linux, the Chrome OS and so many more. But in these large array of operating systems we have the leading giants which are the windows and the mac. If you are looking for class and sleek design with that touch of professionalism, then the apple's Mac OS is just the right one for you, but a disadvantage to mac is that they have fewer software compatibles and are usually on the higher price side.

On the other hand the Windows OS which is the most common running operating system in 6 of every 10 systems, has more software commonalities, is user friendly and is the standard for every laptop including high end gaming systems. They are very affordable and can be used for many different purposes. Other operating systems can also be considered if you are looking for a specific function, like the google Chrome OS is a good operating system for old, aged people because of it's simple interface. The operating system of every laptop is very important, so it is advisable to select correctly the particular operating system that your device would run.

Screen Size And Resolution

The screen size and the resolution of every laptop is also an important feature to be checked when picking a laptop, laptops now vary in size, weight and screen resolutions. We have the 1366 x 768(High Definition), the 1600 x 900(High Definition+) and the 1920 x 1080(Full High Definition) screen resolution sizes. The 1366 x 768  is the standard resolution for many laptops and it is pretty cheap. The 1920 x 1080 which is the main FHD resolution is the latest release and pretty costly too. But it gets the job done, better graphics and more information display. All these resolutions can come in screen sizes from 13"(inches) to 15.6"(inches). For normal professional use, the FHD is advisable, but if to be used for schooling or on-the-road uses, the HD or HD+ can be picked. They also have the Retina displays which are 2304 x 1440, 2560 x 1600, and the 2880 x 1800, which cam be found in Apple's 12", 13.3" and 15.6" respectively. These are more costly than the normal ones, then we have other higher screen versions of Quad HD (2560 x 1440) and the Quad HD+ (3200 x 1800) which are majorly used for professional graphical designing and editing agencies. And then the king of the list is the 4K Ultra HD( 3840 x 2160) which makes images, practically come alive! This varieties are usually difficult to find and very costly too.


How To Choose A Good Laptop

The laptop's processor does the same work as the brain, it helps it think, carry out instructions, and process data inputs. The processors are usually displayed on the body or packaging of every laptop and there are just two major processor manufacturers, the Intel and the AMD. But the major quality processors are the intels, and like the operating systems, the higher the processor version, the better the laptop functionality and speed.

As of recent analysis, the intel core i9 is the leading processor chip layout, there are other standard processors too like the i7's, the i5's and the i3's. It must be noted though that the higher the processors the more power that will be consumed in the system. If you are a student or you want a laptop for research purposes, then an affordable i5 is advisable, but if to be used for high end gaming exercises, professional purposes or any other serious purpose, then an i7 or any other higher version is advised. 

Storage Space

The hard drive space or storage space of a laptop is usually inbuilt and custom made, meaning that it always comes with the device, though with professional help, the hard disk space or storage space of a laptop can be changed. Laptop storage spaces usually range from 10gigabytes  to 1terabyte, depending on the intended use or budget. The higher the storage capacity, the costlier the laptop. For normal school use, a standard 200 - 500gb space laptop is much advisable.

RAM (Random Access memory)

How To Choose A Good Laptop
The RAM helps the laptop run multiple programs at the send time and it prevents program overlap which causes lagging in laptops. Normally, laptops don't need more than 8gb of RAM, so a standard laptop with RAM of 2gb to 4gb can do the job. Though for professional use or high end gaming, the laptops need up to 8gb for data processing.

Graphic Cards

How To Choose A Good Laptop
If the laptop is going to be used for visual purposes like photography, video editing or more importantly, gaming then the graphic card of the laptop is a pretty important factor to check out. The best manufacturers of graphic cards is the Nvidia and graphic cards pretty much perform the same function as the CPU, only that they process optical information. They are difficult to purchase or upgrade, so choosing a laptop with a good graphic card is very important. Especially if to be used for gaming purposes.

Optical Drives, Connectivity And Input Ports

How To Choose A Good Laptop

The hard drives like the USB ports, Optical drives and the Wifi, Bluetooth and other connectives should be also thoroughly checked if they are of the standard versions or of the latest versions. The USB ports are very important components of any laptop because they are the gateways to most of the laptops input or output functions, the optical drives too are important because they also help in installing some forms of soft wares, though not all laptops are optical drive compatible. Then finally the connectivity of the laptop is very important because it would wirelessly connect the laptop to different devices, so they have to be in top form.

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Keyboard And Touch Pads

The keyboards and touch pads are very important components of any laptop, and these should be thoroughly checked or considered before picking a laptop.
How To Choose A Good Laptop
Firstly, the keyboard can either be in standard English or any other custom languages, and they can be of different format like the lighted keyboards, the compact or the normal standard keyboards. Which ever case, the keyboard has to be easy to use and understand.
Then, touch pads have different styles and formats, but it should be something that is pretty sensitive and can be easily used.
In conclusion, laptops are cool devices to own, because they save us a lot of work and stress. But they must be well taken care and maintained to prevent deteriorating conditions and spoilage because they are pretty hard to replace.
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