Lazy Bloggers - Amazing Websites To Get Yourself Free Articles For Your Blog

How to get free articles for your blog
The CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates once said he'd hire a lazy person for a job over the alternative, because lazy people always get the easiest ways to get the jobs done.
Hilarious right? Well, laziness ain't a bad thing again, because it's not by your struggles that you get yourself money, but by being wise.
After our very short post on all you need to know about blogging in 5 easy steps, we have written more articles on how to write amazing articles for your blog.
Now what about others who cannot write articles for their blogs? What about those who are too busy but want to keep their readers updated? There are a few websites where you can get yourself free contents and articles for publication. Using them is far better than spinning. 

Is spinning articles really bad?

Yes... 98% bad from my own opinion. I have blogged so long to recognize a spun article once I see one. There are some words the software use to spin the articles which will not only remove the original meanings, but make them unreadable to your audience.
The result? You will see your bounce rate increasing speedily. Peoplespend lesser time on your site and never visit again even if they come across your well written articles.
They believe you would have spun articles again for them.
However, if you are still looking for how to get unique content for your website, there here are some websites that you can get copyright free contents from as a publisher.

How To Get Unique Contents For Your Website Free Of Charges

You heard that right? The websites have thousands of publishers, who just publish there in return that you don't edit the articles at all. Sometimes when I have articles I'm supposed to publish but know little about them, the best option for me is to either pay a freelance writer or patronize the websites.
The amazing thing about these sites is that they have so much articles on any topic, that you can even get confused on which to publish. You face no DMCA take down risks and no one sues you.
(Meanwhile, if people steal your online contents, please sign up for DMCA now to protect yourself!)

Some of these websites include:

Ezine Articles

This was the first I discovered, and it serves me very well. Awesome articles on any topic you want can be found there. Health, business, relationship, technology, careers, games, blogging, fashion and so many are are all well represented on the website.
All they need from you is that you link to the owner of the article, and you don't edit them at all. There are no laws that you should make the links do-follow, so I don't think that is an issue. The links will be there already too, so the only job you do is post, as easy as ABC! You can also write for them.

Sooper Articles

Sooper Articles is also another amazing source of contents for your blog. Their homepage is well built and navigation is very easy, making it yet another great option. You can also write for them and the most recently published contents are displayed on their homepage.

SEO Khazana

SEO Khazana is not article submission website, but they offer general SEO services. You can see a lot of websites on this page which accept guest posts and you can submit yours too to help you get free unique contents to your site.

Articles Factory

This is also like the first two we talked about, and offer amazing articles. The terms and conditions are also similar and you do not need to sign up to use the site.
They also have a feedback section where you can give suggestions on how the site can be improved and I give them a kudos for that.

The sites above are enough to give you all the articles you need, so we might not necessarily need to share more. However, there are no guarantees that the articles will be published on only your site, and duplicate contents harm your SEO.
You can get yourself free articles on your blogs by accepting guest posts. There are a lot of Facebook groups that will help you do this and I suggest you join them.
Also check out these awesome sites to get free royalty free images for your websites and blogs. They are all amazing and you do not need to give any credits for using them.

Thanks for reading along, don't forget to share to your friends!
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