Tour: Surviving A Tour Across Africa

African savannah
Coming to Africa, and you are all alone in the forest, maybe devastated. Your vehicle broken down, you don’t have food, water and most of all safety.
You have to take some steps to ensure you don’t become dinner. It’s a fact that the African forest is certified safe, at least speaking of some of the regions there which have been made ok for the tourists, but for precautions and curiosity sake, we have to take note of these things. You don’t have to be scared of the people, because we are not hat people actually think.

The Africans are very friendly people who wouldn’t take their eyes off any white who finds his way into our land. We love the whites and the other tourists, and would make sure they enjoy their adequate comfort to the maximum. No doubt, as Information Guide Africa has said to the fact that their food is also very palatable. Their fufu [pounded cassava], egusi, okoro, oha and ogbono soups, their yam porridge and much other food stuff are much preferred by them to the white man’s salad and creamy food stuff. So if you happen to be our guest, then you have to try out our delicacies.
These tips are necessary if you are hosted on an African home. Now what if you are all alone in the forest, what do you do?

Find Water

It might not have rained for a while in the savannah, so finding drinkable water would be a mini task. You have to gulp down anything you find as water, but avoid poisons as some leaves there would be poisonous. There are many ways to find water inside the savannah, and one of the proven methods is to sort out an animals’ trail and follow it down the track. It would surely lead you to a source of water. The rivers and streams might harbor parasites, which is a major reason why you should boil the water.
water in savannah
This is where your skills will come in. Find two stones, gather some leaves and sticks, then hit the stones together to provide heat and create sparks. This way, you should be able to create sparks and set off the fire to boil your water for drinking. Then let the water cool off and then drink it.
If you don’t meet this kind of water, then you have to dig it up. Find a dried up river and locate the deepest part. Now dig up the part and use a piece of clothing to drip up the water into your mouth.

Find Food

You’ll not want to starve, so you have to find food. Check out for different sources of different food types. Fruits will be a great choice of food, if not the only. Be very careful when picking fruits as those your choice bananas might be the baboons’ delicacy. Do not spark off a fight you cannot finish with the baboons, or you might not come out alive. Always look round first before picking or plucking fruits, it’s a major precaution.
African savannah
Now get the fruits, maybe berries and you have to test if they are poisonous first. The smell of the fruit is a major tool in determining if it is poisonous. If it smells like peaches or almonds, it might be poisonous.
If it passes the taste test, then it’s the skin’s test ext. rub it on any part of your skin, if it causes rashes after a while, then it’s poisonous.
If you finish this test, then gently touch it on your lips. A burning sensation dictates danger. If it’s normal, then gently pass it through your tongue but don’t gulp in yet. If it’s ok with your tongue, then you’re good to go.

Protect Your Self

Your safety is also very crucial. If you happen to see a lion from afar, no matter how intimidating, try to keep calm, it might not have seen you. Rhinos, buffalos, black rhinos and even some birds are some other animals you might encounter in the bush. Don’t panic because most of them are also scared of you. Keep as calm as possible, figure out things in a matured way and we assure you of a safe vacation.

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