How To Choose A Suitable Career

When the time comes for us to choose a career, we are always filled with confusions. You don't know whether to follow your talents's leads to writing, or follow your interests to medsurg.
This is a very critical stage in life and to crown it all, always comes up at a difficult stage of life, when you're an adolescent. 

One secret to living a happy life is doing what you enjoy, and that's why we encourage everyone to do that thing he or she enjoys, and it will help you live life to the fullest.

- Access Yourself

You have to know what you can do first. Know the talents that nature inculcated in you, whether singing, acting, writing and so on. It's true that in Africa there are no jobs, but a talented cook can just start up something fir herself and within a period of time, the business will be a boom.

- Identify Your Goals

Of course to be great you must set goals and abide to them. Know what you want to achieve before a particular age in life. It will also help you to be focused in life and avoid distractions.
These distractions could be your friends, teachers, parents or even yourself. Chase your dreams and you'll get to the top.

- Make A List Of Occupations To Explore

Plans always do better when penned down. Make a nice list of different occupations, especially the ones you have interests in. Now compare your dislikes and likes about them, make your choices.

- Consult A Higher Personality

It's someone who has been there that will show you the way. The late Ikemba Odimegwu Ojukwu had different choices of study with his billionaire dad, he studied his father's choice and later went his way. Such is life, you have to go extra miles to succeed. 
Never think you know it all, an elders advice is always worth considering. Your parents wouldn't want you to make the same mistakes they did.

- Believe You Can

Yeah! You have to believe in yourself. You cannot go far if you lack self confidence, and you wouldn't trust yourself. When you believe you can, you are actually trusting your abilities. That is the only way you can change the world. I remember the popular Obama's popular #ICan trend in the year 2009, when he became the president.
He really amazed everyone and emerged as the first black president, that was because he had the mindset. Never say never, change begins from you and then it reaches us.

- Check The Present Conditions Of Things

Check out things are going before you pick a career. The whole world is changing rapidly. We are going digital and gone are the days when people were flooding into courses like petroleum engineering, now we talk about computer and internet related courses presently. So don't you see why you should upgrade in mindset?
Well, that doesn't mean we should dump the old courses actually. If you're sure about a job after school, then move on with them.
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