Freelancing: 13 Websites & Magazines that Are Looking For Writers

Most fiction writers are confused on where to sell their talents, and so we want to give you some 10 websites that would pay you to submit your works to them. Some pay $100 per work accepted, some lower, some higher. 

You can submit your fictions, poetry, travel works, op-eds, profiles, reviews and even essays. Just make them as pro as possible, as your talents will speak for you here and not your connection. Most of them require a cover letter and so you can find out how to write one HERE

#1 Strange Horizons

Strange Horizons publishes fictions and they can pay up to $800 per accepted work, depending. They open up every Monday and close when they get relatively large submissions, which is an evidence that they're really a competitive choice. They reply within weeks and would suggest you get back to them if they don't reply you in 40 days. You can find out more about their submission guidelines HERE

#2 Arsenika

You can submit your fictions and poetry here. They pay about $60 for fictions and $30 for poems. You can find out more about them HERE


#3 The Fiddlehead

A Canadian magazine paying writers very well for their talents. They accept submissions from all over the world and accept fiction, creative non-fiction and poems. One interesting thing about them is that many great authors were first published on this site, which means you too can be great from here. Find out more about them HERE

#4 Gallows Hill Magazine

This website publishes thriller, horror, dark fantasy, black humor and psychological. They accept up to 15,000 words for fictions and 80 lines for poetry. They pay about $50 for fictions and $15 for poems. They may increase funds if they generate more. You can find out more about them HERE

#5 Gumshoe Review 

They publish fictions and non-fictions. Their rates are about $0.05 per word and up to $50. You can find out more about them HERE

#6 Bracken

They publish fictions, non-fictions and poems. Their pay is about $0.02 per word and $15 for poems. You can find out more about them HERE


#7 ProfitF

This is a website looking for writers on Forex and Binary Options Trading. They are interested in money management tips, review of brokers/programmers for trading, fundamental and technical analysis, and trading psychology. Contents should be related to finance in general. You can find out more about them HERE

#8 In The Fray

They accept news, commentaries, interviews, etc. Pay is up to $100. You can find out more about them HERE

#9 You&Me

Publishes non-fiction, especially from a first person perspective, and also related to health. Lenth should be around 1,000 to 2,500 words and pay is about $0.04-0.05 per word. You can find out more about them HERE.

#10 Blasting News

Looking for writers on different niches. You get paid per accepted submissions and for number of views per post. You can sign up HERE

#11 SQLServerCentral

For things related to SQL. Some contents are unpaid and some are paid up to $50. You can find out more HERE

#12 Travelers’ Tales/Solas House: Tales To Go

Personal non-fictions about adventures. Added humor would also be a credit. Their pay is up to $50 per accepted work. You can find out more HERE

#13 The Sun Magazine

They accept fictions, non-fictions and poetry. Their pay is about $300-$2,000 for stories and $100-$250 for poetry. You can find out more about them HERE


For more reading, you can get over 100 of these sites and a guide on how you can make your living as a freelancer from this e-book.
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