Celebrities: Top 10 Celebrity Beefs Of All Time

Meek Mill and Drakes's Beef
Celebrity outbursts are normal occurrences in the world of glitz and glamour because these celebrities are also humans and are very prone to making mistakes too, and of recent we have noticed some top celebrity fall outs some being very short-lived and others spanning for years.
Below is a countdown of some of the famous celebrity beefs both ingenuously and internationally, so grab your pop corns and get ready for a juicy description of the best beefs so far.

The countdown is not thoroughly comprehensive and is open to correction.


This duo had a severed relationship earlier in 2015 during the MTV video music video awards in 2015. As a result of an interview where Disney star Miley Cyrus voiced that Nicki minaj shouldn't have stuck her nose in the Taylor Swift video of the year category feud and that she shouldn't have gotten upset about black vocalists and rappers not getting enough credit for their work. 

Nicki minaj took this opinion in the wrong light and lashed out at Miley, for not supporting black people and their works. Miley has been silent ever since but everyone knows as of recent, there is no love lost between these two superstars.


Both Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift are both well know super stars in their entertainment fields, but recent events have both pitched this two against themselves. This beef was mainly between Kanye west and Taylor swift who is known as the foremost queen of celebrity beefs. But when Kanye West released a track 'FAMOUS' which featured in his album 'THE LIFE OF PABLO', he voiced the controversial lyrics "For all my southside n****s that know me best, I feel like me and Taylor may still have sex. 
Why, I made that bi**h famous, Goddamn I made that bi**h famous", there was a lot of backlash against him for the lewd lyrics, but he defended himself by stating that Taylor actually approved of the lyrics before he dropped them. That was where Kim Kardashiam stepped in and defended her husband also showing evidence of Taylor swift's phone call, approving of the line. 
Taylor who had gotten fed up took to her Instagram page lashing out at Kim Kardashian. Thus the whole beef erupted, with cross fires between some Kardashians, Taylor swift, her other celebrity friends and the fans in general. Talk about one of the biggest beefs that shaped 2016.


This was one one of the most famous if not the biggest beef story that originated in 2015. On a cold Tuesday evening, precisely on the 25th of July, 2015, superstar Maybach music label rapper Meek Mill took to his twitter handle, pouring out shots at fellow rapper and hip hop star Drake, saying people shouldn't compare Drake to him, that Drake uses 'Ghost writers' for all his hit songs( a claim which is yet to be disproved). And that it was for this reason he didn't promote his new album 'Dreams worth more than money', which also featured collaborations between the two.

And then later he piqued in that had he known earlier, he would have taken down Drake's songs from his album, and that Drake didn't know how to drop flows compared to the likes of J.cole and Kendrick Lamar.

Drake who was silent for a while then retaliated in form of  a diss track, 'Charged up' during a 2-hour OVO sound radio show on July 25th.
Meek mill immediately responded to the track referring to it as "baby lotion soft",

Drake also replied this with another popular diss track titled 'Back to back',

This was a big one coming from drake because he really poured out his hate on the track. There has been no known tangible response from meek since then, but it's not news that these two don't see eye to eye anymore.


Its no longer news in the whole of West Africa and probably beyond that these two Nigerian music superstars are at constant loggerheads with each other, always drawing up competitions between themselves and their fans. The beef between Davido and Wizkid can be said to be one of the biggest and the most popular to ever emanate from the music industry. Call it a jealous battle between the two, but the main reason this beef started cannot be pin pointed, they just occasionally throw jabs at themselves using their Instagram handles, twitter handles and song lyrics. Though they usually make up( or so we are meant to believe) at some times, they are mostly back at their fights no sooner or later. 
This beef has at some times produced backfires at other artistes or fans who dared stick their noses into it, like fellow superstar Tekno, who took to his twitter handle at one time to reprimand the both of them for the beef. Wizkid who took offence, lashed back at him calling him a "duck" intoning that "ducks should't play where lions played", Imagine! There was no reply from Tekno regarding this blast. 
The latest from the duo was late this year when Wizkid tweeted that Davido had a "frog voice" and that he was a kid" because of his mention of an overseas visa in the song "Summer body" in which Olamide featured him in. No reply yet from Davido.

P SQAURE (Mr P and Rudeboy)

It's no longer news that the multi award winning twin brothers who has led the Nigerian movie industry for sometime, have been having some rather embarrassing fall outs between themselves. What started as a little stage misunderstanding in 2013 turned out to be a little sour for the brothers when Peter (Mr P) took it too seriously and signed a solo endorsement deal with Olympic milk in October 2014, eyebrows were raised but not as much as they were raised when he kicked off his solo show DANCE WITH PETER which was sponsored by GLO telecommunications though both of them had an endorsement deal with the company.
 Then came the solo deal again with Adidas clothing wears in 2015 which peter again signed solo. It was now clear that there was no love lost between the duo, especially when in 2016 Peter announced that for the music label square records and for the duo psquare to continue, their senior brother Jude "engees" Okoye, had to step down from managing them, this decision which didn't go down well with the other twin Paul who cried foul and sided with their senior brother. The final straw was when Peter's wife Lola Omotayo was dragged into the situation. 
Then in 2016 Peter announced the dissolution of Psquare as a group, due to the frequent back lashes coming from his family and fans. After sometime, Peter apologized and returned to the group and peace reigned for sometime, then came the surprising social media rant between the duo and Peter's wife. Last we heard of them, Paul took to twitter to lash out at Lola, and as expected, Peter wants to opt out of the group again.


This beef was a brief but had a lot of power to it, it occurred during the middle of this year, July to be precise. Both of them had a show  "Delta alive" which was thrown Shina Peller, slated at Warri, Delta state. Trouble started brewing at the airport when Davido was picked up and chauffeured in a Mercedes Benz G-wagon and Ice Prince who deemed himself a higher artiste in the entertainment world was picked in a normal salon car. Ice Prince who didn't like the turn of events voiced out his displeasure at the turn of events. 

This got to the ears of Davido who took it that Ice Prince was therefore under-rating him. The final straw came when during the show, the show's minute stated that Lil Kesh another artiste was to perform before Ice Prince, and this arrangement didn't go down well with Ice Prince who let out his pent-up emotions, Davido, who is a well known acquaintance of Lil Kesh came to his defense and Ice Prince saw red. A backstage brawl erupted which led to destruction of equipment and nearly cancelling out the show. 
Davido who still hadn't cooled down, later went to Ice prince's hotel room and started banging on the door whilst raining down incentives on him, it took both the combined efforts of the hotel attendants and his crew to calm him down and move him away from the premises. Since then, these two don't see eye to eye wherever they are.


This is probably one of America's biggest entertainment beefs, as it involves two female superstars who have made their mark in the American music industry. The fall out started in the year 2013, when Katy Perry started dating Taylor's ex, John Mayer, eyebrows were raised then, but not as much as when the major incident that happened in late 2014, when Katy hired some dancers from Taylor's (Red Trek) tour for her (Prismatic) tour. 
Taylor who saw this move as a plan to sabotage her tour plans didn't mince words in her diss track to Katy Perry "Bad Blood". And in an interview that followed, she openly declared herself a sworn enemy to Katy Perry. The latter then took to her twitter handle to pour out her grievance.  
A lot has been going on since then between the duo with accusations and counter accusations coming from the both of them, indirectly or directly lashing out at themselves during interviews and shows and also involving other artistes in their face off, such as Nicki Minaj, Taylor's ex Superstar DJ Calvin Harris, and a host of others. 
The latest about this duo, was when Katy released her most debuted track last month, "SWISH SWISH" which also featured a recent enemy of Taylor's, Nicki Minaj. And critics say it looks a lot like a diss track because of it's lyrics and that the name has an eerie  resemblance with her adversary's name, SWISH-SWIFT.

Though Katy has made an attempt at burying the hatchet by a couple of public apologies to Taylor, it looks like the latter is not yet ready to end this as she also released her album "1960" back to Spotify on the same day that Katy's album was also released,  she also made a diss song for Katy too, out of her newly released album "REPUTATION", and to also add that the song was the Lead song titled "Look What You Made Me Do". Talk about girls getting dirty. Katy still hasn't made any comment on the obvious move by Taylor to diss her.


On the morning of April 2, 2016, we were awoken to a ridiculous post on Linda Ikeji's Blog about superstar musician Wizkid. 
About him renting his Lekki Flat and being served a quit notice from the premises, this post obviously didn't go down well with Wizkid who paid a hate visit on her Instagram and rained down some really hateful jabs at her. 
Commenting in general about her single life and the alleged amorous relationship which was engaged between her and his director and it's embarrassing end. But Linda Ikeji who obviously didn't see it coming had something to say in her own defence. 
She claimed not to have ever known anyone that was Wizkid's manager, and also that she had only met Wizkid just once in a show, that she lived a celibate life even though she knew she was getting old and that Wizkid was taking it out on her because she refused to honor his invitation sometime in the past, probably for him to beg her to portray his image more positively on her blog. And then she concluded with another shocker, Wizkid's latest porshe was actually gotten on hire purchase. Damn!

Wizkid who didn't want to bury the hatchet anytime soon also replied her.
Linda then threw another one back, clearly stating that Wizkid was still a child and that all those boasts were all mere lies and finally added that he should back off before she messed up his career.
Wizkid who then threw the final jab at the middle aged.
That was the last we heard from this entertaining diss that added some humor to the year 2016.


This is unarguably one of the biggest most popular beefs in the American hip-hop entertainment industry and one of the most unexpected too. The YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Boys) record label also known as Young Money records CEO Birdman and the top rapper had a very close, father-son relationship, which is a very unusual thing in the music industry. Nobody expected it when in April, 2014 Lil wayne hinted that the label was delaying the release the release of his new album and it wasn't cool with him. 
Then in November of that same year, he quipped in again about his plans of leaving the label and also his plans of suing the label and Birdman too. That was when trouble broke out for the both of them. Then the following year 2015, the beef took a new turn when Lil Wayne actually sued them and released a diss track throwing jabs at his former boss. Then fellow label mate Young Thug got involved siding with Birdman pitting himself against Wayne, there was a little court tussle and some money was paid but the damage had been done. 
There were so many after effects including threat to Wayne's life which was linked to Birdman and Young Thug. Since then the duo cannot be found together anywhere, although Lil wayne still holds collaborations with the label's artistes like Drake, Nicki minaj and Tyga. 


In my honest and candid opinion about this beef, I would say that this is just some wannabe-star wanting to throw jabs at an already made superstar just so people would hear about him. The beef between Tuface and Blackface dates back over ten years since the duo separated from their defunct label "PLANTASHUN BOYS" which Blackface, Tuface and Faze were members. It started as a result of a song which Blackface co-wrote with Tuface in 2004, the international hit "African Queen". 
This song grew to be so popular and internationally known that it immediately launched Tuface into the limelight of the top 3 artistes from Africa at that time. Blackface who took it that he didn't get enough recognition for the song started making trouble and in the crossfires the group broke up with each going their own way. But since then Blackface didn't want to end things just yet. He continued blaming Tuface for his downfall in the music industry and claiming that all Tuface's hit songs were actually a product of his own hard work. It got to  a point where Tuface threatened to sue him to court if he didn't offer public apologies to him, and as usual this threat was rebuffed by Blackface and the court threat died down for a while.
Many other fellow colleagues in the music industry have tried to call on both of them especially Blackface to bury the hatchet, but all to no avail. It seems that Blackface would continue to hold grudges against Tuface and continue blasting him on whatever he does. It is left for time to tell though.  

So this brings us to the end of the countdown. Be sure to leave your comments below on your own views about the beefs and what you think should have been featured in the post. Till next time.

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