How To Make Transparent Images Free

Transparent images are amazing images which you can see through on any background.
They can be used to make Facebook photo frames, blog favicons, video graphics, blog photos, logos and so many more. They add beauty to the designs, adapt to any designs and also look very professional.

However, not every software offers these services free of charge. Pixlr is an online software which you can use to make these photos 100% and we have written how you can use it.

To use this software, you must have Adobe Flash running in your system. All you do is to allow access and you're good to go.

Steps To Create A Transparent Image Free With Pixlr

- Visit the site's homepage. and select the LAUNCH WEB APP squared in white.
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You can also skip the above process by clicking here.

- Right click your browser to enable Adobe Flash Player as instructed. If you do not have it already, you will be prompted to install it.
How To Make Transparent Images Free

- After that you will be taken to a page where you will be given four options on where to select an image from.
How To Make Transparent Images Free
You can:
i) Start building the photo from scratch.
ii) Upload a photo from your computer.
iii) Select a photo from a url or
iv) Import a photo from a url.

- I'm going with the first option so I click on CREATE A NEW IMAGE and move on. 
The next step is very important because it is where you choose to make your photo transparent.
How To Make Transparent Images Free
Click on the box labelled transparent, and then select a name which you will like to save your photo with.
How To Make Transparent Images Free
After you click on the OK button to  proceed.

- You will land on the photo editing page proper and then you make your designs.
How To Make Transparent Images Free
Make use of the icons there, they are free for you.
How To Make Transparent Images Free

- The next step is to save your work, that is when you're done. I didn't see any save button so I made use of the CTRL+S. It will bring up an option like this.
How To Make Transparent Images Free
I saved mine as PNG to make sure it is transparent and with the best quality. Then I chose a saving location and saved it.
How To Make Transparent Images Free
I saved it in my DESKTOP for quick access. That is all, you can now upload it anywhere you like.

Thanks for reading along, this is my own photo.
How To Make Transparent Images Free
Click photo to view full size.
You can download the photo too. That is all for now.

Alternatives To Pixlr

Every good software has some alternatives, and Pixlr isn't an exception. Some of them are paid while the rest are free.

We have some of it's good alternatives and they include:
1) Adobe Photoshop - Offline
2) Lunapic - Online
3) Pixel Mator - Online
4) Polarr - Online
5) Pic Monkey - Online
6) Youzign - Online

Before you go, why not check out our post on all you need to know about blogging? It is a MUST READ for all! Any difficulties using this software? Please drop them below.
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