Entertainment: Out Of The Shadows, Sneaky Zeekee Finally Chooses To Reveal Himself!

There are many of us out there; dreaming, wishing, hoping. We all have this dormant desire to become somebody but the journey seems way too far; too challenging, too overwhelming. Our individuality is what forms certain paths for us.
Our hearts know that this certain path is what we are created for.
 To give a shout out to all the efforts ever made on this planet; the efforts of young Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and all the other young talents who had to push themselves to become somebody, who had to struggle with their inner selves and the critics; who had to combat fear and self-apprehension with intense hard work, we choose to present the story and brief profile review of the modest new talent known as Sneaky Zeekee.

Who exactly is he?

Well, to be honest, no body yet. I am using the term ‘nobody’ because that’s what we all are until we are successful in leaving our marks in this world before we die.
Born in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and raised in Karachi (since the age of 12), Zeerak Khan chooses to become a story by embarking on the acting career. He is currently 18 years old and has been working professionally in the show business since two years. What exactly make him so similar yet distinct from the rest of us though?

“The same question goes to any artist when they were young. See, nothing makes you different unless you are original or just weird. I’m somewhat of both, I try bringing different kind of taste to my work. Of course, there’s inspiration. But at some point, very soon I’ll stop being an admirer and fix my signature…like every artist does and should do.” (Zeerak Khan)

His journey

As mentioned, Zeerak Khan started working professionally at the age of 16. Zeerak enjoys the status of being known as the youngest Pakistani motion capture actor after working for the first Pakistani VR video game coming to PS4!

That’s not it. This super cool dude has done over 10 short films: 3 of his own(posted on his page) , 4 in development, 2 from Szabist, 3 from Bahria 3 theatre plays (NAPA AND ARTS COUNCIL), and one on the way.
Zeerak Khan has also been in a TV commercial, hosted Ultimate con and Karachi con 2016, has voice acted for cartoons for Oriel Entertainment, and had a meme which went to 9gag!

Zeerak’s message to the world

Like all actors, Zeerak’s journey hasn’t been easy. Something that of us in the showbiz have faced is criticism and that mostly starts from our homes.

“My Father wanted me to be a tennis player. It’s a family sport. I personally love and respect it with all my heart but I knew this wasn’t for me. This isn’t who I wanted to be. “Sure, my parents had odd thoughts, but I am proving myself to them with hard work as my talent is slowly shining. My parents say, do anything that keeps you happy and stable.” (Zeerak Khan)
He believes that to achieve, something, one has to risk it all. It’s in the package of being human. The fact that we are creatures of emotion, prejudice, pride and vanity makes our dreams harder to reach. We get scared and doubt ourselves.

As I've said once, the reason I look up to Spider-Man is because he's a kid with a life to handle like me. But then he's the same kid fighting crime protecting people.
 A kid has to balance a normal life and inspire people while helping. That's one way to motivate anyone that anyone can be s hero. He is the best role model you can get. Someone I really look up to.” (Zeerak Khan)

The struggle to shine and touch hearts never ends. We have to face rejections, failures, learn valuable life lessons and lose important people that support us, sacrifice and bear much more if we actually want to achieve something. And this is what Zeerak Khan is doing currently. He has started walking on this path and only God knows what he had to face to reach the point he is currently standing on. People lose their selves as well after arriving at a place so far from which they started on.
 But what Zeerak recommends to his fans is to keep holding on and stay in high spirits. Maybe this is why he looks up to Spiderman (and the song hold on by Jet: Spiderman 2) so much. There is a connection that we all have; the desire to be someone.

“I like to work with all my will when it comes to it; but I like to relax and enjoy the moment when it's time to ease up: that way it's a balance .It's also hard to sleep at night when you've got all this ambitions. Blows my mind each time I accomplish something.”
God gave us a gift, which is life, and now He is testing our mentality to see whether we praise and use the gift from benefit or we misuse it. He made it tragic yet Beautiful.
 Tragic, so we can learn, Beautiful, so we can be at peace. And I'd say He did the most beautiful thing ever.”

To learn more about this super cool dude, follow his YouTube channel. He is on twitter too as ‘Sneaky Zeekee’ and on Snapchat as ‘Sneaky_Zeekee’.
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