Health: Keeping Your Teeth White And Healthy

Many people have issues keeping a healthy white teeth, but everyone wants and deserves one. The whole issues lie in the maintenance procedures, your diet and the tooth paste [or other alternatives] you use. 
You also need to pay periodic visits to your dentist if you're actually serious about it, but we're Africans, who actually has a dentist even? You can mainly find these in the Western world, so I want to share wit us various tips that would aid us keep our teeth white even in the African world. 

How Do I Keep My Teeth Clean Always?

Well, to get a crown, you need to struggle. That same way, a clean set of teeth doesn't come on a platter of gold, you must work for it. I'll share wit you some things you'd do in order maintain those your dream sets of teeth.

#1 Constant Brushing

You should ensure that you brush your teeth constantly with a nice toothpaste or tooth powder containing Fluoride. Fluorine is an element responsible for keeping the teeth strong and healthy. A very good example of a toothpaste that contains Fluorine and is approved by the Nigerian Dental Foundation is the Oral B toothpaste. You can get it in all major shops across the country.
Two times brushing- at night and in the morning can be of good help. A minor brushing after your meals has also been proven to aid.

#2 Avoid Sugary Food Items

Of course we all love sugar, but do we know that they harm out teeth? Food items like candy, chocolates, biscuits, sweets and so on decay on the teeth and cause more havoc than good. Minimize intake of this food items to the core and make sure you brush your teeth after taking them.

#3 Avoid Teeth Staining Food Stuff

Avoid food items like coffee, wine, hard candy, berries, tomato sauce, sports drinks, tea, and so many others which have been proven to cause tooth coloration and decay. Smoking is also not good for your teeth.

#4 Always Use Straws

Some people think that using straws are a way of showing off, but they're not at all. They can help you keep your teeth neat by taking drinks directly into the throat. These minerals and many other drinks are so sugary that even avoiding them would be better.

#5 Eat 'Detergent' Food

There are food items that help to wipe the stains off our teeth. Some include cabbages, raw carrots, celery, pop corns, apples and so on. It's advisable to eat them after meals whenever possible.

#6 Brush With Baking Soda Once A Week

It's recommended to brush with baking soda at least once a week. These will remove stains as whiten your teeth as well. Use them as you'd do with normal toothpaste.

#7 Stay fresh

Lick your palm and smell it while still wet. If you perceive anything, it's time for a sugar free breath-mint. Go shopping for an alcohol free mouth freshener. Most of them contain alcohol which make the teeth more susceptible to bacteria.

#8 Practice Dental Flossing

Try using a dental floss with your eyes shut, so you can master doing it without a mirror. This will aid you do it anywhere need arises, at the office, in the car, at the beach and anywhere else you don't have access to a mirror. 

#9 Visit Your Dentist 

It's true we're Africans, but we should try to visit the dentist anytime we can. They have the best directions to help us maintain a brighter  and wither teeth.

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